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This page contains links to photos submitted by shipmates or friends of the USS COLLETT (DD 730)

Submit photos to uss_collett@sbcglobal.net.  JPG or GIF photos are preferred.  Descriptive information such as the photographer, date, location, etc. should be included when possible.

If you remember the name of some shipmate shown in a photo but not identified in its caption, please e-mail the webmaster with that name, identify the photo and the name of the submitter of the photo, and the location of the shipmate in the photo.

Bill Abshire (On Board '51-'54)
1952 Photos.
Andy Anderson (On Board '66-'68)
Photos and Story of the "Wing Tank Recovery Detail."
Photos of Andy's lighter collection.
Photo of Gemini Postmark from 1966.
At Sea Photos of the Bashi Channel
Collett Souvenirs
5 Inch 38 Shell Case Ashtray
MPC, Philippine Pesos and Hong Kong and Austrailian Dollars
3 B's and Mom's Bar
Official Underground Newspaper/Scuttlebutt Sheet "Ragalwem"
Whaleboat and Gunfire Photos
Hong Kong Memorabilia
Bill Rose and Andy Anderson working on IFF transponders
Underway Replenishment from 1968
Pugilist Photos from South SAR in August 1966
First Day Covers honoring LCDR Collett and USS Collett
Andy Anderson and Shipmates in Yokosuka in December 1966
1998 Reunion Photos from Las Vegas
Shipmate photos.
USS COLLETT Official Photo.
1st Day Covers
Photo of USS COLLETT in 1962 in Manila Bay
Photo of Roy Habegger
Photo of Jim Glaze at 2014 Reunion on USS Laffey
Ed Arnhols (On Board '64-'65)
Photos of Ed  in his younger days, UNREP, Bertie and Ed, and Ed with Mt. Fuji in background.
1964 photos of the Shellback ceremony while crossing the equator, Pago Pago, Hawaii, and others. 
Ken Bailey (On Board '61-'64)
Photos Frank Olderr climbing Mt. Fuji and of Ken Bailey with the ship drydocked in Yokosuka.
Tony Berry (On Board HMS KENYA circa '50)

Photo of USS DeHAVEN taken from the deck of HMS KENYA in September 1950 at Inchon, Korea.  Picture shows USS DeHAVEN down by the stern withdrawing from Inchon after being hit by the North Korean guns at Wolmi Do.

Photos and documents of the Wolmi Do actions.

Steve Blanchard (On Board '66-'68)
Photos of 1967 Yokosuka.
Bob Boyett (On Board '63-'65)
Photos of PCSN Rivette at Balboa Park in 1965 and RM1 Boyett and PCSN Rivette on "The Pike" in 1964.
Andrew Bradick (On Board '66-'68)
CNO Mike Mullen Captain (Retired) John R. Kearney

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mike Mullen & CAPT (Retired) John Kearney

Capt Kearney, Officers, & Crew on the Bridge
Tom Briley (On Board '52-'55)
1953 Christmas Menu
Bill Brooks (On Board '59-'62)
Presentation of USS COLLETT photo to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Mike Mullen by Vice Admiral Bill Hancock. The photo was signed by shipmates of the USS COLLETT. Admiral Mullen's first assignment out of the U.S. Naval Academy was the USS COLLETT.
Jim Brousseau (On Board '51-'54)
Shipmate photos (including a photo of ship's company) provided by Jim's son Randy.
Bill Brown (On Board '66-'69)
Shellback documents from crossing the equator in 1968.
Richard Budish (On Board '59-'60)
1959 Photos
Carl Coff (On Board '44-'47)
Photo of Carl Coff in 1945.
Photo of USS COLLETT on October 27, 1945.
16 May 1946
Christmas 1946
Collett First Anniversary
Photos of N. Steadman and Fisher and Relation
Patrick Coggin (On Board '60-'61)
Photo of a helicopter crashed on the flight deck of the USS COLLETT.
Reunion 2002 Photos.
Allen Cohen (On Board '46)
Photos of the USS COLLETT  including one in Shanghai, China in 1946.
Jim Collett (A son of COLLETT's first captain)
Photo of James Collett, Commanding Officer,  taken on board the USS COLLETT in 1945 and another photo of James Collett taken later in the war.
Photo of the USS COLLETT underway in WW II, invitation to commissioning of USS COLLETT, newspaper clipping noting that Lieutenant Commander John Austin Collett was missing in action, and newspaper clipping noting that Mrs. James D. Collett will be sponsor of the USS COLLETT at it's commissioning and, front and back of the original USS COLLETT plaque.
Photos of launch and refueling from USS WISCONSIN.
Joe Collins
In this 1966 or 1967 photo, CDR John Kearney (CO) is seated in the middle of the first row; LCDR Wardell is standing behind him
Eddie Cook (On Board '67-'69)
1969 Official Photo of USS COLLETT.
Photos from 1967-1969.
Tom Craver (On Board '57-'60)
Newspaper clipping regarding Chinese Shore Batteries (Quemoy in September 1958)
Newspaper clipping regarding Collision Warning in Collett/Ammen Collision (July 1960)
Newspaper clipping regarding Readiness Test
Photo of DeHaven, Collett, and Benner
Photo of Tom Craver circa 1958
Photo of Unknown Shipmate, William Rhoades and James Hicks
 Leonard Criswell (On Board '49-'52)
1949 to 1952 photos.
Ron Cummings (On Board '68)
Photos of the Radio Gang of 1968.
Braxton Dennis (On Board '58-'60)
2007 TCS Reunion in San Diego photos.
2010 Reunion Photos
John Douglas (On Board '62-'64)
Drone photos from 1963.
More photos from 1963.
Ron Elliott (On Board '57-'58)
1957 Cruise Book.
Noel Emanuel (On Board '69-'70)
Photos for 1969 and 1970.
Ed Esberger (On board '59-'65) and Bob Kitt (On Board '60-'62)
Earl Faubion of USS FLETCHER - 1968
Photo of USS COLLETT in July 1968 in WESTPAC
Clarence Forbes (On Board '63-'66)
Multiple photos from the early 1960's.
Jack Fortner (On Board '45-'49)
Photo of Carl Coff and friend on board USS COLLETT.
John Fowler (On Board '63-'65)
Photos of John Fowler, Pat Manion, and Dave Marshall from the early 1960's.
Bob Fraguela (On Board '66-'67)
Photos of COLLETT underway, COLLETT alongside DeHAVEN, and MANSFIELD.
Mark Fulmer (On Board '66-'69)
Photos from Yokosuka, Brisbane, Pago Pago, and Long Beach
Gerald Gardner (On Board '52-'56)
Photos from 1952 and 1953
Doug Gealy (On Board '61-'64)
Pictures from Australia, the Philippines, Hong Kong, and Yokosuka.
Jim Glaze (On Board '65-'69)
USS COLLETT pictures from 1965 to 1969.
Joel Gonzalez (On Board '58-'60)
Hong Kong in 1958 or 1959.
James Graslie (a friend of Jack Bove')
Photos of Jack Bove' (On Board '62-'63) and John Raab (On Board '62-'65) in 2011 in Japan.
Richard Gregory (On Board '62-'65)
Mini-Wardroom Reunion in July 2008.
1964 Official Photo of Wardroom.
U. L. Gutierrez (On Board '63-'65)
Pictures of Gutierrez and shipmates.
Bob Hall (On Board '65-'67)
Photos from 1965 to 1967
Peter Hora (On Board '66-'68)
Souvenir documents.
Photos of Dave Coomer and Ray Hunter.
Photo of Dave Coomer and Peter Hora.
Photos of Dave Coomer, Peter Hora, Gloria Coomer, and Ashley Dawn
Photos of Shipmates and Hong Kong Items.
Arthur Horsch (On Board '60-'63)
Photos of COLLETT in Hong Kong in 1963, Wardroom softball team in 1963, forward starboard refueling station in early 1962, and Main Control with MMCM Nesselrode and PO1 Scheurer.
Also see Art's photos from the 1962 Cruise Book on the "History" page.
Bill Huffman (On Board '69-'70)
Photos from the 1969-1970 Cruise Book.
Gene Hunter (On Board '69-'70)
Photos for 1969-1970 Cruise Book
Bob Jungers (On Board '58-'61)
1961 Collett softball photo
Bill Kephart (On Board '49-'52)
Shipmate photos from Bill's album.
November 11, 1950 Saturday Evening Post article about the USS COLLETT.
Chuck Kiesling (On Board '53-'55)
Westpac Photos
Photo of ET2 Chuck Kiesling and SO2 Dave Bowser
Detailed Photos (with shipmateís names) of Brosseauís Photo of Shipís Companyber 1953
Steve Killen (On Board '67-'68)
Various on-board photos for 1967 and 1968
Mike Kipper (On Board '63-'66)
2003 Reunion Picture.
Pictures from the early 1960's.
COLLETT shipmates at 2006 TCS National Reunion in Norfolk
Joe Kozerski (On Board '64-'68)
Over 30 Photos from 1965 and 1966.
Boot Camp postcard and newspaper article of USS COLLETT rescuing a family at sea.
More 1960's photos.
Pictures from the USS Midway.
Mothball Fleet and Retirement.
Shipboard Pictures.
Ships That I Served On
Hong Kong
Letter of Commendation
Joe Kozerski and Bill Hood - Now and then.
Glenn Williams and Joe Kozerski in Tacoma, WA in Oct. 2008
Gary Sinise and Joe Kozerski
Joe Kozerski and Bill Hood in Las Vegas in January 2010
Photo of Floyd Engle, GMG1, on board 64-66
Navy Day Photo of Floyd Engle and Shellback Certificates
Joe Kozerski and Leo  Ingram
Joe Kozerski in Las Vegas, September 2010
Joe Kozerski in Hong Kong.
Photo of Floyd Engle (On board '64-'66) and Wife Colleen, July 2012
Paul S. LaFollette
Photos by Paul S. LaFollette, Ship's Physician (43-45) from his son.
Luis LaMantia (On Board ARA PIEDRA BUENA circa '82)
Shield of the Destructor A.R.A. Piedra Buena (formerly the USS COLLETT)
Crew photos

A model of the D29 and a lamp with equipment from DD-730 and D29 (From Luis LaMantia)

Active duty, reunion, and sinking photos
Larry Lamberth (On Board '64-'66)
Photo of Larry Lamberth
Howard Leazer (On Board '50-'53)
Photos taken from the deck of the COLLETT of flag draped coffins of crewmembers of USS BRUSH.
Article on Collett's participation in the Inchon invasion.  Contains excellent photos.  You will need an Acrobat Reader to see this file.  You can get a free Acrobat Reader at this location www.adobe.com.
Bob Kitt (former Commanding Officer of the USS COLLETT), Bill Brooks (current President of the Collett Association), and Howard Leazer (Shipmate USS COLLETT)
Mike Ledger (On Board '67-'69)
Viet Nam era photos including some great action photos.
Dennis LeRoy (On Board '69-70)
Chairman of the JCS Admiral Mullen visits Chicago and Dennis LeRoy
Dannis Lozano (On Board '66-'69)
Flag, shrapnel and Pollywog documents of 1968.
Pat Manion (On Board '63-'66)
2008 Reunion photos.
Photo of shipmates Pat Manion and Ramon Caballero from 2009.
USS Iowa newsletter "Broadside" with Pat Manion and his roadster.
Pete Maranda (On Board '66-'69)
Photo taken of COLLETT hangar deck from DASH drone and of a helo coming in to pick up refueling hose.
Brian Massey (On Board '61-'63)

1960 Newspaper clipping of Collett's crushed bow.

"Bar Pictures" of 1962 & 1963.
Photos of Departure from Long Beach to Yokosuka in January 1961.
Clark Matthews (On Board '66-'68)
November 13, 1966 Issue of "Ragelwem" and 1966 Photos of Shipmates.
Robert McMillen (Son of Bennie McMillen) (His father was on board circa '60)
Photos of COLLETT and AMMEN damage after collision.
Photo of Robert and Bennie McMillen
"Swede" Michaelson (On Board '68-'70)
COLLETT underway.

1968 photos.

1969 photos.
Daryl C. Miller (On Board '46-'47)
Photos from 1945 to 1947.  Some may be from USS SMITH but most are from USS COLLETT.
Frank Miller (On Board '49-'52)
Photo of OC Division in 1949.
Henry Earl Milliner (On Board '62-'63)

Photos of Chuck Spencer, Henry Earl Milliner, Jim Hines, and Mel Post.

Destroyer Photos.

1962 and 1963 photos.

Lin Morgan (On Board '63-'66)
Yokosuka and Pago Pago 1964
Bow berthing compartment, August 1964.
Ship's Office and Long Beach harbor, 1964.
USS Collett alongside USS Midway, Yankee Station, June or July 1965.
Shipmates of the USS Collett, June or July 1965.
Underway replenishment, June or July 1965.
Hi-Line 1965.

Helo Mail Call 1965.

Shimoda 1964.
Koahsuing 1964.
Sasebo 1964.
Shipmates 1964.
Hawaii 1964.
Yokosuka Bar Pictures 1963.

Subic Bay EM Club 1964.

Don Nelsen (On Board '46-'47)
Photos from 1946 and 1947.
Dennis Oldenburg (On Board '65-'66)
USS Collett firing in the Tonkin Gulf.

Frank Olderr (On Board '62-'65)

Pictures from 1962 to 1965.
2001 reunion photos.
Memorial Day 2018
Steve Parsons (On Board '65-'66)
Collett Insignia.
Ken Payne (On Board '45-'49)
Photo taken on Navy Day in 1947 on Collett at Yokosuka, Japan.
Photo taken in Tsingtao, China in 1946.
Photos from mid-forties to 1949.
Ken Perry (On Board '45-'45)
USS COLLETT docked at San Diego about 10/1/1945.
Photo from 1945 "Returning from Leave."
Photos of Hollywood and Los Angeles Canteens in 1945
August 19, 1945 edition of the USS COLLETT Windjammer
1945 Poster
Charlie Purdon (On Board '60-'64)
Photo of Task Group 70.4 in 1962.
Dennis Reed (On Board '60'-62)
BTC Reed
Bill Robinson (On Board '63-'64)
Photos from 1963 and 1964
Robert (Bobby) Ross (On Board '66-'68)
Photos from 1966 to 1968.
"Ballad to a Destroyer"
Carl Rotola (On Board '63-'64)
Photos from 1963.
Robert Rusho (On Board '63-'64)
Photos from 1963 and 1963 of Yokosuka, Yokohoma, Hong Kong, and Taipei
More photos from 1963 and 1964
Paul Savidge, Jr. (On Board '46-'47)
Photo of then Commander Paul Savidge, Jr. (later Rear Admiral) from his daughter Margo McPhillips.
Joe Scannell (On Board '66-'69)
UnRep and various photos.
Joe Schubert (On Board '53-'56)
Peter Schuch
Line drawing of USS COLLETT provided by his son.
Joe Senn (On Board '57-'60)
Photos from the 2005 reunion.
Richard Sherley (On Board '67-'68)
USS COLLETT pictures.
Pictures from 1967 and 1968 and later.
Two new USS COLLETT pictures.
Ed Shumer (On Board '49 -'52)
Photos from 1950, 1951, and 2003.
Donald Singer, Sr., Colonel U.S. Army (Retired) Cousin of Ensign Gilbert Charles Singer
Photo of Ensign Gilbert Charles Singer lost at sea on January 18, 1945.
John Slater (On Board '62-'65)
Crossing the equator on July 24, 1964 at 151 degrees 16 minutes 2 seconds East longitude.  En route to Australia.
USS COLLETT pictures.
Photo of Jack Palmer, Executive Officer
Additional photos.
Steve Smith (On Board '61-'63)
Photos of Yokosuka base in April 2017
Chuck Spencer (On Board '62-'64)
Shipmate photos.
John Speranza (On Board DeHAVEN circa '52-'54)
1950's photos.
Lawrence Sroka (On Board '67-'68)
Shipmate photos.
Dan Sterling (On Board '49-'50)
Late 1949, Operation Miki. The ET gang of Bob Toney, Perris Dan Sterling, & Bob Boynton.
George Styles (On Board '49-'52)
Shipmate photos.
Steve Tison (On Board '60-'61 )
USS Ammen collision photos of 19 July 1960.
Alan Turner (On Board '65-'67)
Photos of the Collett Plaque and Collett Shipmates
USS DeHaven Sailors Association
Picture of the USS COLLETT and other ships receiving their Unit Citation after Inchon in 1950.
USS COLLETT in Yokosuka, Japan in 1967 or 1968.
Don Walton (On Board '67-'69)
Youtube Audio and Photos of USS COLLETT during Operation Seadragon in 1967 & 1968.
Albert Wapstra (On Board '60-'63)
TU 77.1.1 H&I Charts (of 1967, but not for USS COLLETT) and photo of Albert Wapstra circa 1965.
William West (On Board '66-'68)
Photo of Charlie Mieth with his obituary with a comment by Phillip Hickox.
Bob Whitt (On Board '49-'52)

WESTPAC Part of 1950 Korean War Cruise.

CONUS Part of 1950 Korean War Cruise.
USS COLLETT in 1950.
Howard Wilkinson (On Board '44-'46)
Artwork on envelopes of several of his letters home and a photo of Howard.
Glenn Williams (On Board '64-'66)
Picture of Glenn Williams and unknown shipmate standing by VDS on fantail.
Julious Windham (On Board '46-'49)
Shipmate photos
Photos of CDR Savidge, CDR T.  H. DuBois, Christmas 1946 in Yokosuka, and Navy Day 1948