Some of the Radio Gang of 1968

Pictures by Ron Cummings

Captions by Bob Ross

Left to right: Gary Clement (ETN3), Ron Cummings (RM2) and Bob Ross, (RM2). May have been taken in our Long Beach apartment we rented in Long Beach, but not sure.


Bob can't remember every one, but standing in center in back (in front of TTY Room entrance) is Marty Staff (RM3), sitting is James Nelson (a.k.a. "Spud") the other RM2 in the Radio Gang (besides Bob), and in front is Clark Matthews (RM3).  (Spud's formal name was confirmed with Bill West in Oct 10.)


A meeting in Radio Central. Bob Ross is sitting, Zimmerman (RM1) is in back of Bob. Comm Officer is LTJG R. L. "Ray" Yearsley.