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This page contains stories submitted by shipmates.

Stories should be submitted to uss_collett@sbcglobal.net.

Burial At Sea (by Andy Anderson, on board 66-68)

The Reluctant Crewman  (by Andy Anderson)

Set the Wing Tank Recovery Detail (by Andy Anderson)

Happenings During My Tour on the COLLETT (by Jack Belleau, on board 46-47)

Triumph At Sea (by Alfred W. Brown, on board 52-55)
Pearl Harbor, Wake Island and Other WW II Memories (by Joe Carrillo)

USS Collett, DD 730 -- I Remember (by Walter Dix, on board 44-45)

The "Wisdom" of Capt Boyle (by Bob French, on board 54-55)
From  the USS Collett to the USS Midway (by Bill Ginty, on board 1955)

Three Years Under The Mast (by Richard Gregory, on board 62-65)

Two Memories of 1962 (by Raymond Guerra, on board 61-63)
Pictures and Story, (by Chuck Kiesling, on board 53-55)
Terror in Mount 51 (by Mike Kipper, on board 63-66)
Good Samaritans (by Joe Kozerski, on board 64-68)

The Sitting Duck Poem (by Joe Carrillo and submitted by Bob Whitt, on board 49-52 and Bill Kephart on board 49-52)

Chief Gunn and My Grandfather (by Pat Manion, on board 63-66)
I Painted the Collett Yellow (by Kelly Matthews, on board 56-58)

I Was a Member of the Crew That Put Her Out of Commission (by William (Mac) McClelland, on board 68-70)

Messcooking in the Summer of 1962 (by Henry Earl Milliner, on board 62-63)

Halfway Around the World  (by Frank Olderr, on board 62-65)

My First General Quarters (by Frank Olderr)

Seaman Kelly  (by Frank Olderr)

The Great Ice Cream Caper (by Frank Olderr)

Un-Rep (by Frank Olderr)

Two Records of USS COLLETT Activities in May 1963 (by Frank Olderr)

Go Fly a Kite! (by Frank Olderr)

Raid on Tokyo Bay (by Ken Perry, on board 45-45)

  • with a postscript (by Alan Jepson, on board 44-46)

ASW Patrol in the Tsugaru Strait (by John Slater, on board 62-65)

Pump (by John Speranza, on board 52-53)
Some Remembrances from 1969 (by William Steshko, on board 68-69)

Recollections of the role of the USS COLLETT in the USS PUEBLO Incident of 1968 (By Don Walton, on board 67-69)

All Are Welcome On Our Signal Bridge (by Albert Wapstra, on board 60-63)

A Boot Remembers (by Albert Wapstra)

Breaking Wind Down the Message Tube (by Albert Wapstra)

Burial At Sea (by Albert Wapstra)

USS COLLETT Poem from the DIARY of the WWII Naval Experiences of Edward James Varden, FC3, Aboard the USS CHARLES S. SPERRY

Shrapnel on the Signal Bridge (by William L. Wardell, on board 60-63 & 66-68)

A Letter from William L. Wardell, CDR, USN (Retired)