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Chuck Spencer

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2 RDs

2 Shipmates

3 more shipmates

3 shipmates

A shipmate and 2 Mary Sue Painters in Hong Kong

A shipmate

At Hong Kong

BM2 Hoover

Chow line, port side

Chuck Spencer - ashore

Chuck Spencer - onboard

Dave Adams

Frank Olderr

Helo from Carrier

Highline to DD-742

Jim Armstrong at left, Paul Wilder at right

Jim Armstrong on ECM Deck

Looks like a Soviet Reconn Plane

Looks like Cruz

Looks like RM Gunn before he made Chief

Looks like Ryman

Looks like Smitty

Looks like Tom Harvey

Looks like Tom Harvey

May be a shipmate

Mel Post and Jim Armstrong (Ed Arnhols may be in background

Mel  Post

Preparing for unrep on flight deck



Sub tied up alongside at Hong Kong

Unknown shipmate, a hostess, Chris Bowker and Jim Armstrong

USS Frank Knox