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William West

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I recently found Charlie Mieth's obituary in a Napa, CA online newspaper. The link is below. I had hunted for him years ago. I knew he had lived in Napa but back then we didn't have google.


Charlie was onboard in 1966, I can't remember when he departed the ship. He left the Collett when he retired from the Navy. Many of his navy years were credit from the merchant marines in WWII. He was an ETN2.


This is a photo of Charlie that I took in 1966, smoking a cigar, reading the paper, sitting in the hatch of the "test equipment room" which was on the starboard side, just forward of midship.




From Phillip Hickox:  Old "Uncle Charlie."  He tried to write up Lang for Bamboozlement. If you had a paperback book in your hip pocket, he would snatch it out and throw it over the side.  Lang grabbed Charlie's keys and threw them overboard.