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Helo, December 1963

Hong Kong, January 1964

Colors at Yokosuka, December 1963


Can anyone identify this ship? Is it the USS Providence?

Al Burke identified this cruiser as the USS St. Paul. (CA-73) Thanks, Al.

Hong Kong in the Distance

Leon Rydberg in Taipei, Taiwan

Leon Rydberg of Montana

Mike Kipper, December 1963

Mike Kipper on Watch, December 1963

R. F. Zimmerman at Golf Course in Yokohalma

USS Blue, December 1963

Yokosuka, July 1964


1963 and 1964 Photos

Left to right on 12 Mar 64: Daniel Henehan, James Kampuhues, Robert Rusho, & Robert Zimmerman.

Dec 63: This might be a part for the gyro; Robert remembers steering by magnetic compass while he was in 1st Div.

Mike Kipper in Dec 63

Dec 63: Underway personnel transfer in South China Sea. (Judging from the light color pants, probably a Chief or Officer.)

1964: Bow of COLLETT in foreground, bow of another can beyond, & USS BON HOMME RICHARD (CVS-31) in background

Yokosuka harbor in Dec 63