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This is what my journal say's.
16 April 63 loaded nine (9) drones inport Yokosuka to launch tomorrow.  First drone fell off the launch rack sending parts flying everywhere. Second drone launched but the parachute popped and into the sea.  Third drone's JATO stayed attached and into the sea. Fourth drone launched and stayed airborne for 45 min and we recovered it.  Fifth drone kept the JATO and into the sea. Sixth drone launched ok but we lost control after one minute and into the sea. Seven, eight, and nine all kept the JATO and into the sea.  The USS Blue recovered two (2) of our drones and highlined both to us.  18 April  we launched first drone at 0720 and were able to fire on it several times.  The Blue also fired several times before the engine quit.  Our second and last drone lasted about two (2) minutes and then the parachute popped and into the sea.
I have attached several pictures of the drones.  Hope that this was interesting.
John Douglas BM3

1963 Photos

TM1 Howard.

Mount 53 and crew.

Plan of the Day, Page 1 - November 25, 1963.

Plan of the Day, Page 2 - November 25, 1963

TaiPak Floating Restaurant.

Two DD's in Nest at Hong Kong.

Three Mary Sue Girls in Hong Kong.

GMGSN Bert Belnap in April.

SN Charbonneau.

COLLETT Departing - Captain Bischof.

Enlisted Men's Club - Yokosuka, Japan.

BM2 George Hoover, Unknown Shipmate, and BMSN Don Hart.

Laundry of Mary Sue Girls in Hong Kong.

BM1 Jack Bove.

BM2 James Pennell, SN Graman, SN Norman Bartlett, and SN Koranda.

GMG2 Jay Kajioka.

SN Ken Parks.

BMSN Leon Anderson in April.

Liberty in Yokosuka, Japan.

FT3 Lowell Moore.

BT3 Beitzel (Aft Engineroom) and SN James McManus.

BMC Arthur Corriea at Ship's Party.

TM2 Charles Purdon and TM3 Bud Birk.

SN Chester Gaddy.

BMSN Don Hart, GMG3 Andrews, and SN Richard Charbonneau.

BM2 John Cooper and Others With Captain in Background.

SN John Douglas.

SN John Douglas and SN Perkins.

SN John Raab.

LTJG John Slater and LTJG Harold Harden.

Dry Dock, Yokosuka, Japan.

Dry Dock, Yokosuka, Japan.

Dry Dock, Yokosuka, Japan.

Dry Dock, Yokosuka, Japan.

Dry Dock, Yokosuka, Japan.

GMG3 Edwards.

SN Edgar Davis.

GMG3 Edwards, SN Allen Drath, GMG3 Botowski at Ship's Party in July.

BM2 George Hoover on the Quarterdeck.

SN Green, Ship's Party, July 3rd.

FT2 Harris and SN Belnap.

QM3 Herman Andrews, FTG3 Stephen Smith, and Joe Stomberg at Ship's Party.

SA James Canady and SA James Kamphues.

BM3 James Pennell and GMG3 Edwards.

BM2 John Cooper and FN Wayne Bohot and Two Other Shipmates.

FTSN John Snodgrass and French Ship at Nagasaki, Japan.

SA Johnson.

LTJG Ken Albers, LTJG John Slater, LTJG Hank Morgan, and XO Richard Gillham.

RD3 Ken Bailey.

SN Ken Parks, SN Gary Shiflet, and SN Charbonneau at Ship's Party in July.

LTJG Michael Spahn.

SN Nathaniel Chapman.

Store on Honcho in Yokosuka, Japan.

SN Striplin at Ship's Party in July.

USS LYMAN K. SWENSON Firing at Drone Plane in April.

USS LYMAN K. SWENSON in Tokyo Bay in April.

TM1 W. Howard Taking Off Sound Powered Phones in April.

Unknown Shipmate, Millichamp, Morgan, and Don Hart.

BM1 William Hockensmith and a Shipmate.

DC2 Yankaskus and SN Zimmerman.

SN Zimmerman and SN Robert Tranzillo at Ship's Party, July 3rd.


SN Mike May, SN Gary Shiflet, and SN Fabe Arellano.

SN Norman Bartlett, Messenger of the Watch.