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Reunion 2003

Standing: Frank Olderr, Pat Manion, and Mike Kipper

Sitting: Tom Burm and Jimmy Blackmon


Pictures Salvaged from Old Slides

Picture taken I think in 1963 - Pulling messcook duty - Baxter - the younger one - he had a brother on board and Kamphues.

Taken in Sasebo in 196? Titled "Motley Crew." From the best I can remember - from left to right: Morgan - Winters - Canady (standing), Corpsman, and Eggeman. I cannot remember the Corpsman's name. Canady was killed in a car accident in Long Beach about 1965.

None other than William Thaddeus King III - (How could anyone forget a name like that?) He was a signalman striker. The lookout is Lazetera.

Alvin Novoa - putting the final touches on a newly installed VDS sonar.


COLLETT Shipmates at 2006 TCS National Reunion in Norfolk


(Although Art's schedule did not permit attending the whole reunion, we enjoyed visiting with him one afternoon.)


Top row: Mike Kipper, Art Horsch, Chuck Spencer

Bottom row: Pat Manion, Frank Olderr