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Joe Kozerski and Chief  Alviso in Yokosuka, Japan with the result of a beard growing contest.

This picture taken on April 24, 1967 in DaNang- getting motor whale boat ready.

This picture taken on April 24, 1967, Motor whale boat underway.

This picture taken in 1966 is of Bill Hood on bridge watch, he's on the helm and in need of much sleep.

This picture taken on August 29, 1966 is of Bill Hood & me on the fantail.

Picture of BM1 McGee- I think maybe 1966.

Refueling detail.

Flightdeck ~ catching up on Z's. Unknown shipmates.

GMG1 Ingal on bridge watch as conning officer 1966.

Gunfire support of the coast of Nam.

BM3 Joe Rutland and me, June 1966 Pearl Harbor.

Me, April 24, 1967 DaNang.

Me, April 25, 1967 on the after refueling station.

August 28, 1966 on the stern.

Me, Bill Hood & Chuck Lavern.

This was our night out on the town- Me, Bill Hood & Chuck Lavern, that real pretty girl in front of me would become my wife on Jan 18, 1968 and we're still together with 2 son's.

The big three ~ Me, Bill Hood, & Chuck Lavern. April 25, 1966 or 67 after refueling station.

April 24, 1967, me as boat coxswain DaNang.

On bridge watch August 5, 1965, 21yrs old.

In Subic, maybe 1966 or 67~ Me & BM1 Tom McGee having a cold one.

On leave upstate NY, winter of 65.

Boatswain Mate of the Watch, unknown date off the coast of Nam.

Boxing smoker on flight deck.

Robinson & me. Well, this fight was long overdue. Vic Daniels is sitting on the left. This was very hot day, and the flight deck was so hot it was melting our deck shoes (sneakers).

On leave winter of 65 ~ 53 chev in background.

On station off the coast of Nam.

On station.

Taiwan Liberty ~ Who's this shipmate?

Welcome aboard cover, that was sent by the command to our home of record after checking on board.

Welcome Aboard - Inside

And today.

USS COLLETT rescues family

Boot Camp


Bill Hood, Me, with our ladies

BMC Alviso

BMSN Herndon

GMG1 Ingle

I'm Hard At Work

In Port

In Port Subic

It's True What They Say About Chiefs

SN Williams on the Helm

USS Collett, USS Midway, and Boot Camp Pictures

Collett Picture

Collett Picture

Collett Picture

Collett Picture

Collett Picture

On Station with the USS Midway

January 10, 1980, MA1, USS Midway

Undated Formation

Just a Boot


Mothball Fleet and Retirement

All ahead full

Stationed With the Mothball Fleet Philadelphia

USS Blue (DD-744)

My retirement, September 1985, NSGA Hanza

The wife receiving thank you for putting up with me.

Shipboard Pictures

Captain Zimmerman

Me on Bridge Watch

Me Waiting for the Tug

QM at Work

Underway Replenishment


Ships That I Served On


January 1, 1964 to January 23, 1968







USS KIRK (FF-1087)




Hong Kong


Letter of Commendation   

Geneva Conventions Card

Now and Then.

Bill Hood and Joe Kozerski

Glenn Williams and Joe Kozerski

Tacoma, WA. - 10/19/2008


Joe Kozerski and Gary Sinise


Joe Kozerski and Bill Hood

Floyd Engle was an GMG1 on board 64-66, Picked up Chief later on.

Navy Days

Had a meet and greet today with Leo Ingram the body builder.  We started talking and guess what, he's a retired chief Snipe,
Real Nice guy with a great big smile


Joe Kozerski in Las Vegas September 6 to 19, 2010

Here's a picture of me from 1970 while on board the USS Whitfield County LST-1169. We were 30 day stationed ship and I was assigned shore Patrol duty. 
The old lady was a familiar face on fenwick pair & in Shore patrol HQ. The other person is Chief Menndenhall 

Picture of Floyd Engle & Wife Colleen. Taken this Month July

Joe and Fumiko Kozerski taken on December 4, 2012