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You're invited to be listed on the Contact List maintained by Frank Olderr  (olderr730@yahoo.com).  You may also elect to have your e-mail address listed on this website.  YOUR E-MAIL ADDRESS ON THIS WEBSITE CAN BE SEEN BY ANYONE VISITING THE WEBSITE, but the Contact List maintained by Frank is private to COLLETT shipmates.  You will not be listed on the website unless you specifically make that request.

The names of all known shipmates are listed in the timelines on the History page of this website.


This page contains contact information for shipmates of the USS COLLETT (DD-730).   From here you can send e-mail to shipmates, or visit their personal home pages.  To have your name added to this page send your information to: uss_collett@sbcglobal.net.


Can't find the shipmate you're looking for?  We have contact information for many other USS COLLETT shipmates via Frank Olderr (olderr730@yahoo.com).  But we take our duty to protect the privacy of shipmates seriously. So for persons seeking contact information, e-mail Frank who will forward the message.

Name Rank Years On Board E-mail address
Elmer Abbott (deceased) YN2 1946-1947

E-mail for daughter Susan

Bill "Shorty" Abshire QM3 1951-1954


James (Jim) Adams SM3 1963-1966 E-mail
John L. Aldrich GMG1 1966-1969 E-mail
L. R. "Andy" Anderson ETR2 1966-1968 E-mail
John Apker (deceased) BT1 1962-1964 E-mail for daughter Naomi
Dale W. Bainter FT3 1951-1955 E-mail
Gary D. Barlow BT2 1965-1968 E-mail
John Bauman ETR3 1963-1965 E-mail
Joseph "Dan" Boone EM3 1963-1966 E-mail
Bob Boyett RM1 1964-1965 E-mail
Bill Brooks (deceased) LTJG 1959-1962 E-mail of widow
Bannon Brown (deceased) PHM3 1946-1946 E-mail for daughter Karin
Anthime E. Brunette EN3 1962-1964 E-mail
Richard R. Budish (Buda) RM3 1959-1960 E-mail
Allan Burke SM2 1966-1968 E-mail
Richard G. Campbell RD2 1946-1949 E-mail
Kenneth E. Casassa (deceased) BT3 1948-1952 E-mail for Nephew Bill
Samuel Davis Chambliss, Jr. BTFN 1952-1955 E-mail
Jerry Chance BMSN 1964-1965 E-mail
Donald J. Clark MM3 1944-1945 E-mail
Gordon Coleman FT3 1949-1952 E-mail
James Collett (deceased) CDR 1944-1945 E-mail for son James
David T. Coomer (Zip) GMG3 1964-1968 E-mail
Bill Craig LTJG 1967-1969 E-mail
T. J. Craver RM3 1957-1960 E-mail
John Dickson ETN2 1966-1968 E-mail
John M. Douglas BM3 1962-1964 E-mail
Donney L. Drennan (deceased) SA 1948-1952 E-mail for son Don
Gary R. Dziadula SK3 1962-1963 E-mail
Paul Eggeman SK2 1963-1966 E-mail
Ron Elliott FT1 1957-1958 E-mail
Herbert Roy Fawcett HM3 1951-1952 E-mail
James Fincher (deceased) RD3 1952-1955 E-mail for daughter Tammy
Ron Fisher FTGSN 1969-1970 E-mail
James I. Flynn STG3 1966-1969 E-mail
Bob Fraguela DC3 1966-1967 E-mail
John Frederici EM1 1963-1968 E-mail
Gerald D. Gardner RM2 1952-1956 E-mail
Doug Gealy SOG2 1961-1964 E-mail
Bob (Gimpy) Giampietro RM3 1963-1964 E-mail
James Glaze MM3-MM1 1965-1969 E-mail
Mark S. Grann SK3 1967-1970 E-mail
Ross (Greg) Gregerson STG2 1965-1969 E-mail
Robert R. Gregory BT3 1950-1953 E-mail for daughter
Robert (Bob) Hall (deceased) RD2 1965-1967 E-mail for widow
Charlie Hamilton DC2 1966-1968 E-mail
James (Hammar) Hammarstrom BTFN 1961-1963 E-mail
Darrell R. Hendricks (deceased) SH3 1967-1967 E-mail for widow Sharon
Edward B. (Boone) Harris (deceased)   1960-1963 E-mail for daughter Diane Harris
John Holas LTJG 1961-1964 E-mail
Bill Hood BM3 1965-1968 E-mail
Peter Hora GMG2 1966-1968 E-mail
Joseph D. "JD" Jennings STG3 1965-1967 E-mail
Dave Jensen RDSN 1965-1966 E-mail
William Kelley LT 1968-1970 E-mail
Joe Pete Kelly (deceased) SN 1944-1946 E-mail for son Kevin
John "Jack" King BT2 1962-1964 E-mail
Robert Kneedler LT 1954-1956 E-mail
James R. Koranda SN 1962-1964 E-mail
Joe (Ski) Kozerski BM2 1964-1968 E-mail
Personal Homepage
Tom Lapke MM3 1959-1961 E-mail
Mike Ledger EM3 1967-1969 E-mail
Steve Locker BT3 1962-1966 E-mail
Patrick O. Manion RM3 1963-1966 E-mail
David Marshall RM3 1964-1966 E-mail
Brian Massey SOG3 1961-1963 E-mail
Clark Matthews RM3 1966-1968 E-mail
Michael May BMSN 1961-1964 E-mail
David (Mac) McAllister MM2 1967-1968 E-mail
William (Mac) McClelland IC3 1968-1970 E-mail
Jerry Mendenhall RD1 1952-1955 E-mail
Daryl C. Miller (deceased) WT3 1946-1947 E-mail for granddaughter Michelle
Henry Earl Milliner ETR3 1962-1963 E-mail
Del Moller YNCS 1966-1967 E-mail
Hank Morgan LTJG 1962-1963 E-mail
Lin Morgan YN2 1963-1966 E-mail
Frank Olderr ETN2 1962-1965


Stanley B. Parker CS3 1961-1963 E-mail
Don Peltier ENS 1968-1970 E-mail
Arlos Proctor BT2 1952-1956 E-mail
Charlie Purdon TM2 1960-1964 E-mail
James (Jim) Radja LTJG 1951-1953 E-mail
Tony Ragusa FT3 1951-1953 E-mail
Tony Rallojay QM3 1966-1968 E-mail
James Reid BTC 1966-1968 E-mail
William J. (Jack) Rohr (deceased) RDM3 1944-1945 E-mail for son Jack
Robert (Bob) Rose RD3 1960-1960 E-mail for widow Irvalynn
Robert Rusho SN 1963-1964 E-mail
Marvin Santercier SMSA 1968-1970 E-mail
Joe Scannell MM2 1966-1969 E-mail
James L. Schlautman SM3 1966-1967 E-mail
John Schneider MM3 1965-1969 E-mail
Joe Senn IC2 1957-1960 E-mail
Peter F. Schuch (deceased) WT3 1944-1945 E-mail for son Peter
Kenneth A. Shafer SN 1958-1961 E-mail
David N. Shaffer RD3 1959-1962 E-mail
Gilbert Singer (deceased) ENS 1945-1945 E-mail for cousin Donald Singer
Malcolm Sizer BT3 1960-1964 E-mail
Jim Sloat RMSN 1969-1970 E-mail
Stephen Smith STG3 1961-1963 E-mail
Rudolfo N. Soriano TN 1963-1965 E-mail
Dan B. Sparks EN3 1958-1960 E-mail
Marty Staff RM3 1967-1970 E-mail
Gary Stookey YNSN 1965-1966 E-mail
Mike Sumner RD3 1968-1970 E-mail
Carl Svalstedt FN 1966-1968 E-mail
Thomas (Tom) Tarango SN 1966-1967 E-mail
Norve Thompson MM3 1954-1955 E-mail
Stephen A. Tison BTFN 1960-1961 E-mail
Tom Tomlinson RD3 1964-1966 E-mail
Alan Want SN 1956-1957 E-mail
Bill West ETN3 1966-1968 E-mail
Alan J. Wickert LT 1965-1967 E-mail
Glenn P. Williams (Willy) BMSN 1964-1966 E-mail
Kenneth Williams (Willie) STG2 1961-1965


Bernie Wolter QM3 1966-1968 E-mail
R. L. "Ray" Yearsley LTJG 1966-1969 E-mail