Pictures from 1962 to 1965

After Refueling Station - At Sea

Vocker VonHillebrandt, ETN2 - a.k.a. "Von"

Drydock - Yokosuka

Our Postman in 1964.

Hong Kong - DD730 - Junk

At Sea - Air Bedding

At Sea

Dave Adams, ETR3

Sydney, Australia

Yokosuka - DD - Screws

At Sea

At Sea

John Bauman, ETSN & Ed Arnols, ETR3

At Sea

Olderr working on S100 transmitter.

Looking aft at the after lookout.

Frank Olderr, ETN3.

In dry dock at Yoko in 1964.

In dry dock in Yoko in 1964.

Leaving Yoko for the last time in 1964.

Dave Adams working on an ECM antenna in port.

Frank Olderr touring Kowloon with shipmates on a hot day.

A Radioman posturing for the camera.

Max Holcomb (RM) postures for the camera. Paul Wilder (RD) is in profile on the right. In Dec 05, Mike McLaughlin (RM) said that it is his backside behind Max. Too little of the other 2 white hats is shown to ID, but one might be Pat Manion (RM).

Arriving in Pago Pago in 1964.

Hong Kong harbor.

Brass Lion of a Hong Kong Bank.


Collett being pushed into dry dock at Yoko in 1964.

Cruiser standing out of Yoko in 1964.

Chuck Spencer and James Armstrong in ET Shop.

A tug in dry dock at Yoko in 1964.

Collett in dry dock at Yoko in 1964.

Bottom of dry dock at Yoko in 1964.


Standing: Frank Olderr and Dan Horkey

Sitting: Bob Fraguela and John Kesili

Standing: Bob Kitt

Sitting: Dan Horkey

Bill Webster and wife.

2001 - On the way to Jacksonville.

Frank Olderr and Henry Earl Milliner

Picture of LCDR John Collett and model of COLLETT brought by the son of the first captain.

Left to right: Wayne Bohot, Billl Brooks, and Frank Olderr

COLLETT's birthday cake honoring Korean War veterans.

Frank Olderr and Ed Arnhols at Ed's home.

Frank carved and painted this in 2001.

Memorial Day 2018

Frank Olderr with American Flag