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Chuck Spencer

Asleep in the ET shop after a hard day.

Henry Earl Milliner

RD2 Jim Hines

On the bow.

ET2 Mel Post

In the ET Shop.

Destroyer Photos

#1 in sequence.

Hi-line evolution underway. The lines forward provide a visual guage as to distance and sound powered telephonic communications.

#2 in sequence.

Hi-line transfer in progress. Splash in center.

#3 in sequence.

Modern day version of KEEL HAULING.

#4 in sequence.

The Hapless Transferee arrives aboard after his unwanted morning abolutions.

#5 in sequence.

Break Away After Hi-Line Evolution: This is very reminiscent to me of the time in October 1962 outside the Tsugaru Strait after we broke away from the DD we relieved and assumed patrol duties there during the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Water and Skies that day were the most Brilliant and Vibrant I can recall seeing. At that time, Most of the world and certainly all of the military were convinced that hoistilities were eminent. There was maxium haste to distance ourselves from teh other ship and proceed to our patrol duties. The high-speed, tight radius turn cause a series of whirlpools to form alongside the hull.

# 6 in sequence.

The turn continues.

#7 in sequence.

Separation complete.


Early morning UNREP fueling.


Early morning UNREP fueling.


Muzzle cover in hand, cleaning 5 inch 38 cal rifle begins.




Full depth insertion.

1962  and 1963 Photos

Waif scavenges in the harbor: Kao Hsiung, Formosa (Now Taiwan)

USS Collett in dry-dock Yokosuka, Japan: Spring 1963. William Rivette PC3/EM2 is standing on the fantail.

USS Collett: June 1963 steaming line astern in company with USS Shelton, USS Swenson, USS Blue and USS Providence from White Beach, Buckner Bay, Okinawa to commence operations with a SEATO fleet exercise terminating offshore Korea.

Dave Baron RM2: As viewed from a seated position upon the plate on top of the Main Truck. Dave was standing on top of the hanger deck.

One song left unsung.

An "Open Sesame" to a land of oriental delights.

Yokosuka Harbor, Spring 1963.