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If anyone recognizes the people, locations, equipment, etc. please email the webmaster and reference the photo number.


Photo 1

Facing camera:(unk), Sanford Lancashire,& Steve Killen

Photo 2

Steve Killen

Photo 3

Division 1 shipmates: (unk), (unk), Lester Payne, Bill Hood, (unk), & Ken Walker.

Photo 4

In Hong Kong harbor

Photo 5

Feb ‘68

Photo 6

Refueling from a carrier in Feb ‘68

Photo 7

(unk) by 81mm mortar

Photo 8

“Fats” & Paul Unger

Photo 9

Mount 52 firing to port

Photo 10

Mount 52 firing to port

Photo 11

BM1 Mays, BMC Alviso, Steve Killen, “Fats” in a Yokosuka bar

Photo 12

Bill Hood, Donald Topmiller, Steve Killen, John Michels.

Photo 13

At the table: William Dean –an SN, (unk) –an SA, Donald Topmiller, & (unk) an SN.

Standing: Richard Sherley, (unk), Mike Agricola, and (unk)

Photo 14

Olongapo, PI. Sitting: (unk), (unk), T.A. Lane, John Michels.

Standing: Ken Walker, and an SN tentatively identified as "Tag."

Photo 15

Factor & Richard G. Park

Photo 16

Feb ’68 in Tokyo. Anthony "Tony" Dela Cruz, Mark "Buzz" Fulmer and Bob Dapsis.

Photo 17

Donald Topmiller at hedgehog mount.

Photo 18

Cook & Stanley Botila (spelling?) in Jun ‘67.

Photo 19

SK2 Wilson & unk Australian sailor (with first initials of “J.W.” & last name that begins with “D”) in a gun mount in May ’68.

Photo 20

Svalstad (spelling?)

Photo 21

Capt Kearney firing pistol, 50 caliber is in background.

Photo 22

Brock (holding an M-1) & (unk).

Photo 23

Schuller at Danang in June ‘67 (Is this Schuller actually Dave Scheller, GMSN?)

Photo 24

Ewell Andrews, Johnson, Cook, & Stewart.

Photo 25

John Mann in June ‘67 Is this J.S. Mann, MM3 who was onboard in ‘70?

Photo 26

GMG2 Vernon Loveless, Mount 51 phone talker.

Photo 27

William Dean, GMG2 Vernon Loveless, & Lancashire in May ‘68.

Photo 28

Ken Walker as the starboard lookout in Oct '67.

Photo 29

Williams BM1, (unk), (unk), & Stewart.

Photo 30

(unk) & John Huckabee, BM2 in Feb ‘68.

Photo 31

(unk); Robert Snider, SN; (unk); & (unk.)

Photo 32

9 shipmates cleanup helo deck after oil spill.

Photo 33

William Dean & John Huckabee, BM2

Photo 34

In Feb ’68. 8 shipmates on helo deck.

Steve Killen only remembers the name of the one on the extreme right; he is Dombroski.

Per his daughter Dobroski is Carl Fredrick Dombroski who passed away July 30, 2012.

Photo 35

MCS-7-2 Alongside. May be in Hong Kong harbor. All shipmates pictured are unk.

Photo 36

Picking up spent shell casings from 50 caliber. 3 unk enlisted & one unk officer.

Photo 37

(unk) in hard hat & life jacket – view from torpedo deck.

Photo 38

(unk), (unk), (unk), & Dombroski.

Per his daughter this is Carl Fredrick Dombroski who passed away July 30, 2012.

Photo 39

John Michels; (unk); & SK2 Wilson. Is this John Michaels actually John Michels, GMG3?

Photo 40

A tossed grenade finishes off a sampan.