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I was a member of the crew that put her out of commission. I remember that cool misty evening on (I believe) 12/19/1970 when I walked off her deck for the last time. We had just gone through the final inspection and were headed  home on leave.

A lot of us did a bunch of growing on the Collett. We were so young. I remember the times in the South China Sea. The liberty in Subic, Taiwan and Japan. I also remember the long nights on her deck looking out at the moon on the water. The cool night sea air and how it felt on your skin. I remember some of my shipmates and the fun we had.

I am an old man now and spend a lot of time fishing. When I am on a lake at night fishing often my mind drifts back to those days and  sometimes I get a feeling of longing for those days.

The Collett was far more to us than steel and gray paint. She was a magic carpet to adventure.

William (Mac) McClelland IC3