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Poem from the diary of Edward James Varden

Fire Controlman Third Class

USS Charles S. Sperry (DD-697)

(Provided by Kevin Varden



The USS Collett DD 730

By Velma DecKrow

We salute this "Ship" with heart of steel
Hats off to your gallant crew
We're proud you are "Our Captain"
For we know you'll bring her thru.

You are bent on a mighty mission
And one that cannot fail
We're here to help, to give or take
To ride the calm and fight the gale.

Every inch of you a "Masterpiece"
For your builders deemed it so
You'll ride the sea like a queen of queens
When the signal comes to go.

We know not what the future brings
For that is an unwritten story
But you'll do the best and stand the test
Cause you fly "Our Flag, Old Glory".

You've been christened the "Collett"
We are proud you bear that name
For you'll set the pace to free the world
And you'll rest in the "Hall of Fame".