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By Joe Kozerski

March 26, 1998

On a cool, clear evening at a local shopping center, a young woman hears a
desperate scream, and the sounds of struggling, shuffling, feet nearby.
Someone is in trouble. What should she do? For 28-year-old Diane Bosilevac,
wife of Maj. Keith Hulet, Headquarters Battalion, III Marine Expeditionary
Force, the first thing that came to mind was to help the victim.

Bosilevac, who has only been on Okinawa a few months, was recently awarded a
letter of appreciation by Chief Sasaharu Nakamura, Okinawa City Police
Department, for fighting off an Okinawan man trying to rob an Okinawan
woman. Also awarded for his contribution in capturing the robber was Joe
Kozerski, a retired petty officer first class and owner of Plaza Video.

The attempted robbery occurred Jan. 25 at 6:30 pm. Bosilevac was returning
videos to Plaza Video when she heard loud voices.

"I know very little Japanese and didn't know if it was serious or not," said
Bosilevac. "I stood around waiting to find out what was going on when I
heard a woman scream and saw an Okinawan boy dragging an Okinawan woman,
trying to get her purse."

Bosilevac then ran to the woman's aid and pulled the attacker off her.

Bosilevac, who is several months pregnant, said her only thoughts were to
get the robber off the woman and to try and keep the robber at the scene.
After a struggle, the 17-year-old male fled. By this time, there was a crowd
of people all around and the victim got up and said she was fine. Bosilevac
tried to persuade the woman to call the police, but the woman insisted she
was all right.

Bosilevac returned her videos and let the staff at Plaza video know what had
happened. A customer said they had seen someone fitting the description
running up the stairs of the building.

Kozerski then apprehended the robber and the Okinawa police were called. "I
have been here since 1983 and really enjoy the peace and tranquility and
the low crime rate," said Kozerski. "I was surprised she took the time to
help - many people would have passed on by."

"Our Okinawan neighbors have been so kind and helpful to us, it's nice that
I can do something in return," added Bosilevac.