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By Pat Manion
We were off Viet Nam for some time.  I had stood the mid watch in the Radio Shack.  Since the mid-watch goes to bed so late, they sleep an extra hour.

I was asleep when General Quarters sounded.  I awoke sometime later and hurried to my General Quarters station.   (I knew that I was in trouble.)

Chief Gunn came to me after GQ to tell me that he would have to put me on report.   He asked if I had anything to say.

I told the Chief that I was with my grandfather.   We were in the sleigh behind the horses. It was snowing and all the neighbors were waving.

I remember looking at the bells on the horses and wondering why they were going BONG BONG BONG.   My grandfather had to have heard it, but it didn't seem to bother him; besides, it was snowing and all the neighbors were waving.

Chief Gunn never did put me on report and we never spoke of it again.

I guess that whoever he talked to understood special times with your grandfather.

I will never forget the wonderful time I had with my grandfather.

After 40 years I can still see him driving those horses and it's snowing and all the neighbors are waving.

(For my grandfather Walter Ellerbeck, US Army - WW1)