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Here’s a link to an operation Collett was involved in on October 16, 1966. http://raunchyredskins.us/Operations/IG_69%20Down.htm. Armored H-3 SAR helos from HS-6 were involved in rescue operations beginning on October 12 and culminating on October 16. Indian Gal 69 was badly damaged by enemy fire while deep inside NVN on the 16th. While in the rescue/pick-up zone one of the engines was disabled by ground fire – the crew managed to fly the helo safely on one engine out of the area and proceeded to the coast. Upon reaching the coast Indian Gal 69 was once again exposed to heavy AAA fire that severely damaged the tail rotor control system. The crew successfully ditched the helo and were rescued by surface forces. USS Collett can be plainly seen in one of the photos. We’re interested in the identity of the ship the photos were taken from and any recollections any of the crew might have of that day.

 Good luck with your Reunion.

 Ken Burns

HS-6 1967-1979