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In March 2008, Joe (Ski) Kozerski sent an e-mail to several shipmates  that included a reference to




The NOAA website included the following statements:

The earthquake occurred at 5:36 pm on March 27, 1964, Alaska Standard Time (03:36 Universal Time code on March 28, 1964). The great Alaskan earthquake of 1964 was the largest earthquake in North America and the second largest ever recorded. "The strong ground motion reported in the Anchorage area lasted about 4-5 minutes which triggered many avalanches and landslides - some being tsunamigenic. The earthquake shaking caused at least 5 local slide generated tsunamis within minutes after the shaking began.


Joe Kozerski wrote:

The USS Collett was directed to pull into Kaohsiung, Taiwan because of the Tsunami alert. I had the watch with Mr. Brockett on the bow, we lost just over 1 foot of water out of the harbor. I wonder how many other shipmates remember this, and if any can correct me on my memories or add to it.


Frank Olderr added:

It was interesting to read that Joe Kozerski had a bow watch. I had forgotten that one was posted that night.  Still, I recall parts of  that occasion reasonably well. The deck force doubled up on chains between 2 buoys in the afternoon. I was petty officer of the watch on the quarterdeck sometime in the middle of the night. (It may have been the midwatch.) There was no wind and not a ripple on the water.  From  the mouth of the harbor a single swell came in, not all that high,  kissed the shore and returned to the sea. Too bad Bill Brockett (LTJG - Weapons) can't help us remember. He died in 1996. Who else was on watch (or stayed up to see it) that night?


Mike Kipper added:

I have an update for the roster. I am absolutely 100% sure that Brockett made full Lieutenant while I was aboard. That is the first time I ever had a cigar - he bought 'Crooks' for the entire crew.  Also, I am sure his father was an Admiral.


Lin Morgan added:

Not related to the earthquake (I don't remember it at all) but to follow-up on Mike Kipper's memories about Bill Brockett:  He was Weapons Officer when I came aboard. He pulled me out of the Deck Force and made me Weapons Yeoman. He left the COLLETT not long before I did. I recall he was going to be CO of a gunboat. His father was an admiral:  William A. Brockett, Chief Bureau of Ships.  As BUSHIPS he got a lot of the blame for the USS THRESHER disaster. In Admiral Brockett's biography on Wikipedia I noted he gave the commissioning address for the USS GALLUP (PGM-84). That was probably the gunboat his son was to command.  A little research turned up that Bill Brockett left the Navy and became an attorney in San Francisco before passing away in 1996.