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USS COLLETT - Service Medals & Battle Streamers (1958-1970)

Shipmates, do you have all the Service Medals to which you are entitled?  Where you onboard COLLETT during one of the time periods listed in the table below?  Check it out!  (The table was copied from the website www.history.navy.mil)



Cited Unit      Merit Start  Merit End   Award

COLLETT DD 730  06-Sep-1958  16-Oct-1958  AE

COLLETT DD 730  26-Sep-1959  02-Oct-1959  AE

COLLETT DD 730  08-Oct-1959  14-Oct-1959  AE

COLLETT DD 730  18-Oct-1959  30-Oct-1959  AE

COLLETT DD 730  28-Apr-1962  29-Apr-1962  AE

COLLETT DD 730  16-May-1962  18-May-1962  AE

COLLETT DD 730  27-Aug-1962  30-Aug-1962  AE

COLLETT DD 730  08-Sep-1962  28-Sep-1962  AE

COLLETT DD 730  01-May-1963  05-May-1963  AE

COLLETT DD 730  10-Jun-1965  28-Jun-1965  AE

COLLETT DD 730  23-Jul-1965  24-Aug-1965  VS

COLLETT DD 730  15-Jun-1966  05-Sep-1968  NU

COLLETT DD 730  02-Aug-1966  06-Sep-1966  VS

COLLETT DD 730  02-Oct-1966  14-Nov-1966  VS

COLLETT DD 730  04-Nov-1966  05-Nov-1966  RG

COLLETT DD 730  03-Jan-1967  07-Feb-1967  VS

COLLETT DD 730  11-Mar-1967  22-Mar-1967  VS

COLLETT DD 730  16-Apr-1967  08-May-1967  VS

COLLETT DD 730  09-Jun-1967  04-Jul-1967  VS

COLLETT DD 730  19-Sep-1967  13-Oct-1967  VS

COLLETT DD 730  11-Nov-1967  07-Dec-1967  VS

COLLETT DD 730  15-Nov-1967     -         CR

COLLETT DD 730  23-Jan-1968  22-Mar-1968  AE

COLLETT DD 730  02-Mar-1968  16-Mar-1968  VS

COLLETT DD 730  08-Apr-1968  01-May-1968  VS

COLLETT DD 730  22-Apr-1968  23-Apr-1968  CR

COLLETT DD 730  07-May-1968  21-May-1968  VS

COLLETT DD 730  16-May-1968     -         CR

COLLETT DD 730  27-Jun-1968  06-Jul-1968  VS

COLLETT DD 730  21-Jul-1968  26-Jul-1968  VS

COLLETT DD 730  21-Aug-1969  07-Oct-1969  RG

COLLETT DD 730  26-Oct-1969  14-Nov-1969  VS

COLLETT DD 730  10-Dec-1969  11-Dec-1969  AE

COLLETT DD 730  22-Dec-1969  18-Jan-1970  VS

COLLETT DD 730  02-Feb-1970  25-Feb-1970  VS


Legend for above table:

AE – Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

CR – Combat Action

NU – Naval Unit Commendation

RG – Republic of Vietnam Meritorious Citation - Gallantry

VS – Vietnam Service Medal 

To obtain your medals, including the Good Conduct Medal & National Defense Medal, you can either buy them or obtain one set of medals free from the Navy.  (You are eligible for the National Defense Medal if you served in the NAVY some time between 27 Jun 1950 to 27 July 1954 or 1 Jan 1961 to 14 Aug 1974.)


You can choose to buy medals from a company that sells them – an example is “Medals of America”, phone #: 800.308.0849, e-mail address: usmedals.com.


The website www.history.navy.mil has details including directions for how to obtain a “Standard Form (SF) 180” online and the address of where to snail-mail your request for authorization and service medal(s).  For each occasion for a service medal beyond the first period, you are eligible for a bronze service star for that medal.  In your request to the Bureau of Naval Personnel, you will probably want to include a copy of your DD 214 and your History of Assignments (NAVPERS 601-5).  Be smart - do NOT send your originals!

TO GATHER INFORMATION to request your medals, access the Internet on your computer and then point your browser to


The “U.S. Navy Service and Campaign Medals” page is now displayed and you should perform these 4 tasks:





(To perform these 4 tasks please read below.)

- - -

 (A) TO GET THE BIG PICTURE, follow the 3 steps below:

 1. On the “U.S. Navy Service and Campaign Medals” page, click the hypertext “How to obtain copies of or information on medals and awards.”

 2. A “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” page with the sub-heading “Obtaining Information on Navy Awards and Medals” is displayed.  Read the text then click on the hypertext “medals and awards” in the first paragraph.

 3. Another window is displayed.  Read the text.  (When you are done reading, click the BACK button of your browser to return to the “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” page of step 2.)

- - -

 (B) TO GET A PRINTOUT OF “STANDARD FORM (SF) 180,” follow the 3 steps below:

 1. In the first paragraph of the “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” page, click the hypertext “Standard Form (SF) 180.”

 2. The Acrobat Reader is launched and the first of 3 pages of the form is displayed.  (This step assumes you have Acrobat Reader installed - it is available free on the Internet.)

 3. Click the “Print” button to print the 3 pages of the form.  (You will need to fill out page 2 of the form and send it with your request.)  After you print the form, click the BACK button on your browser to return to the “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” page.

- - -

 (C) TO REVIEW THE UNIT AWARDS on the Internet for yourself, follow the 8 steps below:

 1. In the third paragraph of the “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” page click the hypertext “Navy Department Awards Web Service.”  (You may have to scroll down to see the third paragraph.)

 2. If a Security Alert window is displayed, click the “OK” button.  If another Security Alert window is displayed, click the “Yes” button.

The “Navy Department Awards and Web Service” window of the secure website https//awards.navy.mil/ is now displayed.

 3. Click the “Unit Awards” button (this button is near the top of the window).

 4. Click the “Query Unit Awards” button (this button is on the left side of the window).

 5. If a Security Alert window is displayed, click the “Yes” button.

The “Query Unit Awards” window is displayed.

 6. In the “SEARCH METHOD #2” box of the window, type the 4 letters “coll” then click the hypertext “Search” (“Search” is on the right side of the box).

 7. In the “VIEW UNITS BELOW” box of the window, several unit names are now displayed.  (You may have to scroll down to see the unit names.)

 8. Click the hypertext “USS COLLETT DD 730”.

The “UNIT AWARDS FOR COLLETT DD 730” window is now displayed with 35 awards for the period 1958 to 1970.  When you are finished viewing the awards window and have written or recorded which apply to your service:

  (1) Click the hypertext “Close window.”

  (2) Click the BACK button on the browser.

  (3) Continue clicking the BACK button (and clicking the Yes button on Security Alert windows) as required until the “FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS” window is displayed.

 NOTE: If you click the BACK button once more, you will be at the “www.history.navy.mil/medals/index.html” window.   This window is titled “The Service Medals & Campaign Credits of the United States Navy” window and subtitled “US Navy Service & Campaign Medals.”  Please read “IMPORTANT” below.

- - -

 IMPORTANT: The window “www.history.navy.mil/medals/index.html” gives a description of many medals. (You may have to scroll down the “US Navy Service and Campaign Medals” page to see the list of medals.)  By clicking on the hypertext “Vietnam Service Medal,” you will find the following words:

   “Individuals qualified for the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal for reason of service in Vietnam between 1 July 1958 and 3 July 1965 (inclusive) shall remain qualified for that medal.  Upon request, any such individual may be awarded the VSM instead of the Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal.  No person will be entitled to both awards for Vietnam service.”  So if you qualify for both an AFEM and a VSM only because of Vietnam service, think about which medal you want to request!

- - -

 D. To Send Your Request to the USN

 As instructed in SF 180, address your request with SF 180, a copy of your DD 214, and a copy of your History of Assignments (NAVPERS 601-5) to:

   Naval Personnel Command (Code 312D2)

  Naval Liaison Office, Room 5409

  9700 Page Boulevard

  St. Louis, MO 63132-5100

 On a personal note, I sent in my own request in 2005.  I filled out SECTION I of SF 180, I wrote “Please see attached letter” in step 2 of SECTION 2, and filled out SECTION 3.  I also wrote and included a letter listing the medals I was entitled to, including a Good Conduct medal, and requested my medals.  Finally, I included copies of my DD 214 and my History of Assignments (NAVPERS 601-5).  It took over a year to get a response and my medals.

 NOTE: As mentioned earlier, rather than wait for the Navy to send you your medals, you may choose to buy them.

- - -


 Per to the website www.history.navy.mil,

“The Navy's battle streamers, spanning the period from the Revolutionary War to Desert Storm, number 28.  Like the Marine Corps, the Navy flies a single streamer for each campaign, war, or theater of operations, with embroidered stars used for individual battles and operations determined to be suitable for special recognition.  Stars on the Navy streamers follow the practice initiated during the World War II period for ribbons and medals -- that is, a bronze star for each action, and a silver star in lieu of five bronze stars.  The Navy applies stars to appropriate ribbons throughout its history, whereas the Marine Corps uses stars to commemorate service in this century only.  The Presidential Unit Citation, Navy Unit Commendation, and Meritorious Unit Commendation streamers each carry a number rather than stars. This figure represents the number of times that the respective award has been conferred upon Navy units. “

 “Navy streamers are 3 feet long and 2 3/4" wide. Where a medal has been awarded for a particular war or service, the coloring and design of the streamer are the same as the ribbon from which the medal is suspended. Conflicts and operations for which no medal was issued have ribbons specially designed for use as streamers. Today's battle streamers affixed to the military flags of the United States are colorful symbols and reminders of sacrifice, service and a proud heritage -- a tribute to the men and women of the armed forces, past and present, who have responded in America's times of need.“

 The USS Collett earned 4 battle streamers:

 - WW II -- Asiatic-Pacific Theater 1941-1946

 - Korean Service 1950-1954orean Service 1950-1954

 - Armed Forces Expeditionary Service 1958-present

 - Vietnam Service 1962-1973

Prepared by Frank Olderr - first draft: January 19, 2005 including research by Henry Earl Milliner; Second draft: March 4, 2008.