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Decommissioning Ceremony







The USS COLLETT was built by the Bath Iron Works in Bath, Maine. The keel was laid on 16 October 1943, and commissioning was on 16 May 1944. COLLETT is named in honor of Lieutenant Commander John Austin COLLETT, a naval aviator whose aircraft was lost in the fierce battle of Santa Cruz in the Pacific in October 1942. LCDR COLLETT was in command of an Aircraft Torpedo Squadron at the time his plane went down. The first Commanding Officer of COLLETT was Commander James COLLETT, brother of John COLLETT.

COLLETT is a 2200-ton Sumner class destroyer which has been modified by the FRAM (Fleet Rehabilitation and Maintenance) program. The ship is 376 feet in length, 40 feet abeam, and displaces 3100 tons fully loaded. Radar, sonar, and other detection equipment give the ship a wide variety of capabilities. The 5"/38 twin mounts, fixed and trainable torpedo tubes, hedgehog mounts, and DASH (Drone Anti-Submarine Helicopter) are the weapons delivery systems. Twin screws can drive the ship at a highly maneuverable 33 knots.

After initial shakedown and training periods, COLLETT headed for the Pacific, reaching the war zone in early November 1944. The ship remained in the war providing gunfire support, radar picket patrol, anti-submarine patrol, and carrier escort and protection, all with the THIRD and FIFTH Fleet. During deployment COLLETT shot down three Japanese aircraft and sank one Japanese submarine with the aid of the USS MERTZ.

The Korean War saw COLLETT performing missions very similar to those of WWII. On 19 September 1950, COLLETT and her sister ships of DESDIV 91 entered Inchon harbor to provide gunfire support for the troop landings. A running battle with the communist gun emplacements in the hills resulted in COLLETT receiving light damage from five shells, but all the enemy guns were eventually silenced. (The "sitting duck" squadron received the Navy Unit Commendation for this action.)

COLLETT participated actively in the Vietnam conflict. Home ported in Yokosuka, Japan, during a two-year tour of overseas duty from 1966 to 1968, the ship performed a variety of combat mission in the Gulf of Tonkin. Her assignments included Search and Rescue, (SAR), Naval Gunfire Support (NGFS), Operation Sea Dragon, and planeguarding for attack carriers. The ship underwent three months of regular overhaul early in 1969. Six demanding weeks of refresher training in all phases of destroyer tactics in June and July prepared COLLETT for her WESTPAC deployment in 1969-1970. COLLETT deployed for six months and enjoyed a very successful cruise, returning to Long Beach in the spring of 1970. During the summer of 1970, COLLETT participated in a Mid Shipmen Cruise, PACMIDTRARON 70, which consisted of eleven ships cruising the West Coast and Hawaii. In September, COLLETT began deactivation.




LCDR D. W. Geer, Commanding Officer

LT G. W. Pomykal, Executive Officer

LT P. D. Quinton, Engineering/Inactivation Officer

LT D. K. Leroy, Weapons Officer

LTJG P. A. Marsh, Operations Officer

LTJG P. W. Parish, Supply Officer

LTJG W. D. Siem, Navigator

LTJG J. D. Katon ASW Officer

ENS S. N. Spence, Communications Officer

ENS G. H. Mihaly, Damage Control Officer

ENS G. R. Hooper, Gunnery Assistant

ENS W. A. Anton, First Lieutenant




Abbott. L.P., SFC; Baker, J.L., MMC; Clark, J.W., MMCS; Fields, A., MMC; Heatley, F.D., BTC; Herrera, W.J., BMC; Hurshman, D.E., GMGC; Kingsley, R.J., SKC; Novotny, R.A., RMC; Rabosky, G., QMC; Snow, J.J., STC; Washington, J., MMC

Conn, E.D., SM1; Coursen, R.D., SM1; Emerich, B.L., CS1; Estacio, P.Y., SD1; Gentry, C.L., BM1; Hatfield, G.D., RD1; Jordan, J.M., EN1; Kelso, J.S., IC1; Knight, J.E., SH1; Knox, C.D., FTG1; Lautt, A.D., BT1; Linsangan, G.G., EM1; Lockwood, C.C., GMG1; Looney, JR., BT1; May, A.P., DK1; Nash, M.O., BM1; Otwell, G., SK1; Phelps, P. J., MM1; Rogers, W.C., HM1; Scott, J.R., MM1; Sharpe, H.L., PN1

Agricola, M., BM2; Armstrong, L., ETR2; Bayer, P.R., BT2; Beavers, S.R., BT2; Broman, R.L., DC2; Bowers, G.E., SH2; Carlson, D.L., SK2; Carroll, L.A., ETN2; Clough, A.D., EM2; Dapsis, R.F., ETR2; Dooley, D.P., DK2; Flegel, F.R., SK2; Fontan, B.R., CS2; French, H.L., TM2; Graves, L.C., BT2; Guzman, C., YN2; Holland, D.R., GMG2; Lifsey, F.B., MM2; Lockwood, V.J., CS2; Maske, E.F., SF2; Morgan, L.A., RD2; O’Shields, R.E., BT2; Rolando, J.M., FTG2; Romine, B.F., CS2; Spicer, C.E., RD2; Suihkonen, M.G., STG2; Thickman, H.B., MM2; Todd, W.L., FTG2; Vandeel, J.J., MM2; Wilder, G.P., ETN2

Adamson, R.E., EM3; Alferos, F.F., SM3; Andrews, D.E., MM3; Asbury, W.L., MM3; Bell, L.E., STG3; Bellew, E.C., SM3; Broman, D.R., BT3; Brown, T.M., GMG3; Buck, N.R., SM3; Coe, S.M., FTG3; Chambliss, R.L., STG3; Combs, R.E., RD3; Chaplin, M.M., BT3; Devine, M.L., QM3; Engblade, R.E., RM3; Enholm, B.W., MM3; Erickson, C.E., MM3; Foster, M.C., SK3; Fowler, J.R., BT3; Frost, D.P., BT3; Garner, F.S., SM3; Gruber, R.L., BT3; Gustafson, T.D., MM3; Hackett, D.D., RM3; Hampton, M.C., STG3; Hartness, T.A., GMG3; Hathaway, P., BT3; Hollingsworth, J.P., RM3; Huffman, W.S., STG3; Jarzenbovicz, R.L., YN3; Jordan, H.V., QM3; Jorgenson, J.D., STG3; Kelly, J.L., ETR3; Knutson, T.L., DC3; Laurance, M.J., RD3; Maassen, L.J., STG3; Maden, C.R., RD3; Mann, J.S., MM3; Mason, R.E., EM3; McClelland, W., IC3; Mooney, J.E., BT3; Niemi, T.L., SF3; Norman, E.W., DC3; Palazzo, J.J., EN3; Parker, C.T., STG3; Parr, M.A., SH3; Pickham, J.H., FTG3; Rabe, D.W., MM3; Robertson, J.A., BT3; Scroggins, T.B., BT3; Smith, J.D., RD3; Smith, R.L., RM3; Sosebee, D.C., YN3; Sotherland, A.R., IC3; St. Julien, L.B., MM3; Sumner, R.M., RD3; Tater, R.H., BT3; Towry, J.H., ETR3; Vance, D.C., BT3; Weatherby, J.R., IC3; Webb, R.W., RM3.

Anderson, K., SN; Bledsoe, E.O., SA; Britto, S.M., SN; Burau, J.C., SN; Burgdoff, B.J., SN; Byrnes, P.S., SN; Cortez, L.S., SN; Couch, G.G., SA; Crose, V.V., SN; Culhane, J.A., SN; Curtright, R.J., SN; Davis, J., SN; Doyle, P.K., SN; Drake, L.D., SN; Erickson, L.L., SN; Eubanks, J., SA; Gamma, G.P., ETRSN; Hale, A.J., SN; Hales, R.C., SR; Harding, P.J., SN; Hight, D.R., RMSN; Horton, E.L., SN; Irizarry, R., SN; Jefferson, R.C., SN; Johnson, A.W., SN; Kapeller, L.J., SN; Kogel, D.E., SN; Larotta, M.A., SA; Lochner, A.V., SN; Lopuhovsky, D.M., SN; Ludovico, D.J., SA; Mantell, E., SN, McCarthy, T.F., SN; McDonald, M., SN; Miller, D.E., SN; Mora, A., SN; Novotny, B.D., SN; Pruitt, W.M., SA; Sloat, J.G. SN; Smith, C.H., SN; Stewart, J.L., SN; Stringfellow, J.A., SN; Tilley, T.C., SN; Vaughn, R.G., SN; Wood, W.J., SA; Zurawski, T.J., SN

Blaser, E.A., FN; Clark, R.A., FN; Conway, G.W., FN; Curran, W.J., MRFN; Felsinger, J.A., FA; Fournier, B.E., AF; Fouts, J.C., BTFN; Gains, G.H., FN; Garcin, R.H., FN; Graff, M.T., MMFN; Hensley, R.M., FN; Hullett, A.J., FN; Hulsey, J.L., FN; Kirk, S.R., EMFN; Ledenbach, D.E, FN; Loakes, K.A., DCFN; Lowers, G.R., BTFA; Macahilis, D., BTFA; McCubbins, G.W., FN; McNichols, G.E., EMFN; Menke, D.H., BTFN; Murray, J.E., BTFN; Perez, V.L., FR; Smith, J.T., FN; Strickland, R.D., FN; Torres, D.M., FA; Uhrich, V.L., FN; Vanskoyck, S.H., FN; Williams, J., FN; Yoder, F.W., FN

Concordia, A.C., TN; Distor, L.C., TN; Isidro, C.P., TN; Ugale, D.R., TN





December 1970

National Anthem Played by

Commander Cruiser Destroyer Group Band



LT R. L. Luethe, CHC, USN

Destroyer Squadron NINE Chaplain

Executive Officer Introduces Commanding Officer




Commanding Officer

Commanding Officer Orders the Quarterdeck Watch to

Haul Down Ensign, Jack, and Commissioning Pennant of


Commanding Officer Orders the Standing Quarterdeck

Watch to Secure on Board USS COLLETT (DD-730)

Commanding Officer Reports to

Inactive Ship Maintenance Representative, Long Beach

that USS COLLETT (DD-730) is Decommissioned



LT R. L. Luethe, CHC, USN

Destroyer Squadron NINE Chaplain

Executive Officer Dismisses Ship’s Crew




Lieutenant Commander Geer was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on April 29, 1937. He attended Herbert Hoover High School in San Diego, and then San Diego State College for one year before entering the U.S. Naval Academy, from which he graduated in 1960 and then reported aboard the USS WEDERBURN (DD-684) as MPA, DCA, and later and Engineer Officer.

Other tours of duty include: USS COLUMBUS (CG-12), TALOS Missile and Nuclear Weapons Officer, USS SPRINGFIELD (CLG-7), Assistant Weapons, Gun and Missile Fire Control Officer; and 2 years at the Naval Post Graduate School.

LCDR Geer is married to the former Miss Virginia Flood of Chicago, Illinois. They currently reside at Huntington Beach, California, with their 4 children.




Combat Action Ribbon

Navy Unit Commendation Ribbon

American Campaign Medal

Asiatic Pacific Campaign Medal

World War II Victory Medal

Navy Occupation Medal

China Service Medal (extended)

National Defense Service Medal

Korean Service Medal

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Viet Nam Service Ribbon

Philippine Liberation Medal

United Nations Medal (Korea)

Korean Presidential Unit Commendation Ribbon

Viet Nam Campaign Medal



(As transcribed by Frank Olderr on 10/13/01 from the copy of the 8-page order of service in the archives of the COLLETT Association.)