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by Bill Wardell

Captain Kitt discovered the need for a ship's insignia since none was registered with the Bureau. He called a meeting in the wardroom for a brain-storming session to see what we could come up with. Then he drew out the ideas on a yellow legal pad. It was Bob who came up with the motto, "VIRTUS VELOX." "Virtus" for excellence, the inherent power to produce, and "Velox" for determination and boldness in battle.

I was at the meeting and, as others can, remember all the symbolism involved. Captain Kitt had it approved and manufactured (out of his own pocket I think). I believe the two stars at the 1500 and 2100 positions signified the traditional celestial navigational requirement to obtain a positional fix on Earth's surface as dawn came and as darkness fell.

The ship's insignia was officially approved by Commander, Cruiser-Destroyer Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet on 3 March 1961.



Virtus Velox (Latin for "Power in Motion")


The Trident represents knowledge and rule of the high seas.

The Anchor represents proficiency in ways of the seas.

The Guns represent the weapons department.

The Electrons represent the Operations Department.

The Propeller represents the Engineering Department.

The Keys represent the Supply Department.

The Lightning represents a destroyer's instant readiness and power; also indicates COLLETT's hull number.

The Clock represents destroyer's continuous mobility and dependability.


Red, White, and Blue represent loyalty to the United States.

Blue & Gold represent loyalty to the U.S. Navy

NOTE: A photo of the ship's plaque is shown on the Photos page. You can order a ship's patch from William Reynolds (F9ERMINER@aol.com).