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Arthur D. Hill, Jr. Service Diary - 1946

From Arthur D. Hill's Son Art Hill

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The Navy Service Diary of Arthur D. Hill Jr.


Note written in the first inside page:

This diary has been revised from a '43 – '44 to a '44 – '45 diary, therefore making the days of the week not correct to the date!! IF EVER LOST FROM OWNER PLEASE DESTROY OR RETURN TO ME. (OWNER)

-“A.D.H.” -


Identification Page

Name: Arthur D. Hill SM3C

Home Address: 1139 No. 9th St. Terre Haute, Ind.

My Social Security No.: [blank]

My Service No.: 864-16-24

Date of Induction to Service: July 16, 1943

Rating: SM3C

Rating Changes: [blank]

Ships in Which I Served: USS COLLETT

My Locker Number: [blank]

My Pay Number: 864-16-24

Maker's Number of Watch: [blank]

In case of Emergency Notify: A.D. Hill, Sr. 1139 No. 9th St Terre Haute


Diary Entries

Left New York Sept. 25, 1944. Heading to Panama With “BB” Wisconsin, CL Pasedena, DD Moore, DD English, DD Ault-

October 4 Going thru Panama canal. Quite a sight. Hot as “Hell”

October 5: In Panama City on Liberty. Very Hot at day, cold nites.

October 6: Still anchored near Panama City.

October 7: Left Panama. Plenty of souvenirs for all.

October 8: Proceeding to San Diego

October 9: Still heading toward San Diego

October 10” Arrived at Broadway pier, San Diego. Left same nite for Hololulu.

October 11-14: [written vertically] proceeding to Pearl Harbor

October 14-16: [written vertically] Arrived Pearl. Exercises of all types.

October 17-20: [written vertically] Anchored in Pearl. Made one liberty. Not Bad!! (not good)

October 21-23: [written vertically] Inspection & Exercises. Leaving soon.

October 24-27: [written vertically] Left with carrier group. Composed of Yorktown, and small carriers. Two cruisers. Several 2200 DD

 October 28-30; [written vertically] Heading to Eienewetok

October 31: Arrived Eienewetok.

November 1-3: Big Sea battle. Next stop, Ulithe in Caroline Islands

November 4-6: Ulithe. Fueled, took on ammo. Going out soon.

November 7-10: Left Ulithe with task group 58.1. Carrier Task force

November 11-13: Strike at Luzon. Few Boggies.



[skips to January 7, 1945]

January 7: At Sea. Bomb Manila today. Visibility good. Msg. “Luzon is now a bloody battleground. The enemy is fighting to the death to destroy our forces. Many ships have been hard hit. Every undestroyed plane is potentially death to our comrades and a threat to success. This is a time for great determination. Give it your best and God bless you!” 'HALSEY'

January 8: Fueled today. Mail today. Joy!!

January 9: Strikes on Formosa all day -G.Q.- Jap Dinahs overhead. Hellcat marks up one more.

January 10: Today we entered China Sea. Did not encounter any real activity except for one “boogie” in vicinity! Shot down by another task group.

January 11: Had Msg. On Jap heavies in vicinity. We are going after them. We formed a combat T.G. Leaving carriers in back. Msg. “Expect to proceed to Camrana Bay [circled X] keep torpedoes hot and straight.” -Msg- “This may be golden opportunity to anninalate an enemy force. Give them hell and God bless you” - 'HALSEY'

January 12: No heavy hunting. BB had left. Planes found many destroyers and couple light cruisers. Many trans. And cargo vessels.

January 13: Weather is rough. Did not fuel as planned. Blow to the Jap convoy shipping.

January 14: Fueled today. A few boogies in area. None came in.

January 15: Really rough sea. We hit duel strikes at Hong Kong an Formosa. Results good although visibility quite low!

Notes: Ships taking terriffic beating. Travelling high speeds in very roguh sea. It's really wet topside.

January 16: Still rough. No raids today.

January 17: Fueled today Lost 3 men today when wave caught them. Knew one well!! Received mail. Rolled over 50's – rough!

January 18: Sea plent rough! Strikes called off.

January 19: Fueled. Delivered and received mail.

January 20: Had boogies closs in. Chalk one more up for a Hallcat. Had picket duty. 3 planes were on our wake. The boogies didn't locate us. Our T.G. Lit up the sky with “AC-AK” '12' miles away.

January 21: Went thru straights and left China Sea. Had plenty boogies get in. Small car. Hit hard.

January 22: Went North of Formosa and struck at Japs 'Collorbone' (Okinawa) Great success.

January 23: Sighted mine today. Destroyed it. Received some mail.

January 24: Had operations on way back to Ulithi.

January 25: Still heading to Ulithi. - We need some rest.

January 26: In port today. Means turning to. Lot of work to do.

January 27: Worked all daty. Received order of Golden Oriental Dragon.

January 28: My birthday. After working hard all day rec. Packages from autns, and folks. Felt good to get them. Xmas packages.

January 29: Still working. Go alongside tender tomorrow!!

Notes: “On 22nd 18 planes (Japs) attacked '8' Hellcats. We (H.C.) shot down 15 Japs without loss of one of ours. Amazing!! -”

January 30: Mary's birthday. Rec. small letter from her! - Started a long one back. – Turned to all day as usual in port.

January 31: Another hard day. Must write letters I will never catch up. Finished nine pages to Mary.

February 1: In dry dock. What a day. Work & still more. Received two packages. One from Mary and music texts from dad.

February 2: Left dry dock.

February 3: In port. Trying to get all our work in before leaving Ulithi.

February 4: Rec. mail today. More work.

February 5: Got letter from Mary today. In it was one beautiful picture of her and graduation announcement.

February 6: Went to northern Anchorage. Ulithi- a vast No. of carriers, wagons, and cruisers surround us.

February 7: Left Ulithi for operations at sea. - Heading north fast.

February 8: At sea. Scuttlebut is planes, hitting Japan!! -Oh boy!!

February 9: At sea. More scuttlebut is invation of volcanos after strike on mainland.

February 10: At sea. Have been holding practice “AA” firing for last two days.

February 11: Fueled today. At sea.

February 12: At sea. More practice firing.

Notes: Scuttlebut is the [??] that travels fast and often [???] is true. Tokio is very logical place to hit.

Written in sidebar: Temp. has been in 40 deg – sleet - rain

February 13: Fueled. -Sending P.V.T. By Sem. And guy on tanker claims the carriers are all set for strike at Japan. Heading N.West!

February 14: Fueled from [Wago?] . Now heading in towards Tokio at 22 knots, for strike – Capt. Spoke. - We expect plent of action

February 15: Japan is getting closer. We are laying around 250 miles from her homeland now. Strike tomorrow.

February 16: Today we hit Tokio, and vicinity. Told we (planes) would hit several days straight. Visibility poor. Japs didn't come out.

February 17: Visibility opened up long enough for a 3/4 day raid on the Japs land. The Japs still refused to try and attack the fleet.

February 18: Today we fueled. Rec. 2 letters from Betty, and was really happy to get them.

February 19: On picket duty today. The past two days we're hit Iwo Jima. Invaded them today with Marines. A bloody battle for history books

Notes: “Results on Tokio waid was wonderful over 600 planes shot down many ships. Factories and air fields hit hard!!!”

February 20: Still on picket. The invasion is going OK. We “R” now headed back to Tokyo for about 10 days!! - Should get hot??

February 21: Fueled today from tankers. Course: straight for Tokyo!

February 22: Weather is rough and really cold.

February 23: Fueled from BB today. We (all destroyers) got a “Well Done” from C.T.G. - weather is rough making it dificult.

February 24: Heading in to Tokyo. Now less than 150 miles away. Strike tomorrow.

February 25: Mercury hits “40th.” Strike on Tokoyo going as planned. 200 B29's are hitting also. - Leave area and go to Kobe tonite.

February 26: Kobe raid called off. Hit a terrific typhoon. So we are riding it out.

Notes: “Pilots report no cars on roads. No planes are aggressive. A few attempts to offer resistance. Pilots believe Japs badly need gas.”

February 27: Fueling from tankers we met today. Head for Tokyo again tomorrow. Should get mail soon!

February 28: Changed plans. Are going to hit Boni Islands.

March 1: Planes raided Boni Islands today. Report oposition and light Ack-Ack!

March 2: Today we fueled this evening we lear[n]ed we (Des. Squadron and 3 light cruisers) would bombard islands at midnite.

March 3: Hit Okowana group with 8 cans and 3 cruisers – Very light return of fire. Large fires & explosions seen. Hit smallest island!

March 4: Heading at 28 knots back to group and Ulithi.

Notes: “The bombardment was very successful. Hit oil dump. Hit amo dump. Island was a mass of ruins when we left.”

At top of page: In port

March 5: Now in port at Ulithi. Rec mail today. Two letters from Betty. One from Art R & several from folks.

March 6: Rec. all my packs from folks today. It seems funny getting Xmas pack in March. But darn good to get them.

March 7: Painting ship dark (deck) blue all day. We (signals) have plenty to do. I'm quite tired tonight!!!

March 8: Painted more today. No mail. We are alongside tender. (The Prairie)

March 9: Finished painting – a lot to touch up yet. Will probably leave tender tomorrow. No mail today. Bridge looks better than ever!

March 10: Took on plenty of ammo today. Fueled in afternoon. Had a good workout carrying ammo!!

March 11: Had inspection of ship. No personnel out here!! Jad G.Q. (no drill) Suicide plane dove into Randolf (carrier) Very unexpected!!

Notes: On 10th had my first real case of homesickness. It was something I'll never be able to explain. It hit me hard. (2 yrs. In Navy nothing this bad)

March 12: Got up at 0500 & wrote three letters. Went to northern Anchorage by Hornet.

March 13: Went out to sea. Operating with T.G. 58.1 [as] last time. Practice firing all day.

March 14: Fired more today. No dope on operations.

March 15: Fueled from tankers today. No mail!! Strike eighteenth.

March 16: Still heading north!! Fuel from wagons tomorrow.

March 17: Strike tomorrow at southern Japan!! (Kobe) Capt. Spoke. Fueled from wagons.

March 18: Hit Kobe area today. From 0100 till midnite enemy dive bombers have been trying to hit the carriers. [written in sidebar] We (T.G.) shot all seven down.

Notes: On the 18th 7 dive bombers tried to for carrier flight decks. All missed so far. One two engine bomber actually dissapeared from T.G. Fire.

March 19: 4 more enemy fighters set on hitting the carriers failed in our gr. - Heard the *Franklin was hit bad. - 5th today that tried at this group hit the [Wasp]. She had six dive bombers trying to hit her in two days. [written in sidebar]: got all but one of these.

March 20: Fueled from BB today. On picket today. On picket duty. Japs sent out reconance planes.

March 21: More Japs trying for our carriers. None got in. All dau doay on picket. None bothered us.

March 22: Plenty of G.Q.s tonite at 1000 (2200). 2 planes attacked us alone. We fired to much ammo, They left. [written in sidebar]: Final dope: 731 planes destroyed by us over Japan.

March 23: Back in screen today heading south to Okiwana. '25' bettys and '20' fighter came in to attack us. Our planes shot “21”bettys down and '12' fighters -Our loss was two corsairs.

March 24; Struck Okiwana today. Planes caught Jap convoy and destroyed it.

March 25: Wagons bombarded the island today. Planes struck again today. - Six months ago today we left N.Y.C. For Pacific

Notes: Franklin hard hit. She was in one other of the five T.G.s in the T.F. - Wasp lost 88 men. The bomb exploded on the third deck. A sixteen inch shell used on bomb!! - ??

March 26-29: [written vertically] The Nips kept us very busy during this period.

March 30 – April 1: [written vertically] Air attacks on most of the days we weren't fueling.

April 2-5: Several cans & landing craft have been hit hard

April 6-8: Two cans (2100 class) hit. One by suicide on fantail. One by torpedo that didn't go off in his bow!!

April 9: Air attacks. Group shot several Japs down.

April 10: Fueled from tankers. Received two letters from Betty.

April 11: Under Air Attacks

April 12: Under Air Attacks

April 13: F.D.R. died today. We all feel so sorry the world has lost such a great leader. Air attacks today. Japs tried – but the group got them 1st.

April 14: Under heavy air attacks all day!! Sent out on picket. Had report 7 destroyers have been hit with suicide planes.

April 15: Retired to fueling area. [illegible] G.Q. practically all the time this last 4 days.

Notes: 14th At night on 14th we were attacked by a bomber. Our fire control broke down as run was made. Flares had us lit up like daylight. We were helpless. Six planes in good firing range. The Japs must have thought we were T.G. - they left.

[written in sidebar]” Human beings were found on water's surface. Boards with Japs writing. 5 mile oil slick.

April 16: Making strikes today. No Jap's came out.

April 17: Fueled from BB. Going out for picket. No Japs have bothered us today.

April 18: Were sent out after sub 83 miles from group. We sank it! Fpir ptjer cams expended all depth charges. We used 35 of them.

April 19: Fueled from hornet today. Congratulations from all sides. They like it when we get a sub!! 1st one in our DDs Squadron

April 20: Sent out on picket duty again. They like us out there. Expecting heavy air attacks tomorrow.

April 21: Made shore bombardment today. - Our 2nd! Seven cans went in, after planes. Met little return fire!! - Made at 1630

April 22: Fueled from tankers. Took on stores & ammo. Should receive mail.

April 23: Operating off Okinawa. Same point as [???] that we have been at for the past month.

April 24: Discovered bad shaft (port shaft) requested to be sent back to base for repair. Left group at sunset for Ulithi.

April 25: Still heading back to Ulithi. Have seen no land or ships or planes since we left group.

April 26: Will arrive at Wlithi tomorrow at 0900. Expect to be in only 3 days then return to group.

April 27: Arrived at Ulithi. Anchored – go into dry dock tomorrow. - no mail.

April 28: No mail – in dry dock – over the side for scraping [late].

April 29: More scraping & wire brushing.

Notes: [St??t] broken near shaft. No serious damage.

April 30: Still in dry dock. - Very little water since we have water hours.

May 1: Finished a four day paint and scrape job on the ship from the water line on down – received some mail.

May 2: Rest of the T.G. Came in today. Go out of dry dock tomorrow.

May 3: Out of docking, still have water hours.

May 4: Made test run. Shaft proved satisfactory.

May 5: Painting Super Structure. Still have water hours till tanks are filled. - Dirty and tired.

May 6: No rest in the Navy (out here) – Went to north Anchorage [near] Hornet.

May 7: Pull out tomorrow for operations at sea. - Received little mail today.

May 8: At sea. Operating with a small unit of T.G. 58.1 “8” Cru's “3” Destroyers.

May 9: Firing all day with same unit.

May 10: A-A firing with same unit.

May 11: More firing today – destroyed a raft floating by.

May 12: Fueled from tankers after joining up with the best of T.G. 58.1

May 13: Operating off [Kyneshia] (above Okinawa!) Under no air attacks today – Bad weather.

May 14: Again our planes hit Kyushu. Japs came out today. We knocked down two (T.G. 58.1) We “R” credited for getting one of them. Makes “3” for us.

May 15: Retired toward fueling area.

May 16: Fueled today from tankers. No mail. Took on stores.

May 17: Strikes & support air groups from our old position near Okinawa. No air attacks.

May 18: More support strikes. Believe Okinawa will be secured soon. Has been a bloody battle for all!!

May 19: Retired to fueling area. Fueled, took on ammo & stores.

May 20: Stayed another day in fueling are, so all ships in T.G. 58.1 can replenish. Received mail today - “2” letters from Betty!!

May 21: Support groups by air for Okinawa. Battle should soon be won. No Japs today for us!!

May 22: Planes hit convoy of transports trying to get 23,000 troups on Okinawa to reinforce the Japs. Full report not in yet.

May 23: Fueling today. Delivered guard mail.

May 24: Saw Okinawa for first time after operating two months off of it. Jap air attacks today.

May 25: Early morning (0100) air attacks. T.G. Fired. Shot one down. - More air attacks throughout day.

May 26: No air attacks. Operating in the same place.

May 27: Fueled today. Received mail. None from Betty. Two from the folks.

May 28: Operating off “Okkie” as for past 2 months or more. Heavy rains and fog.

May 29: Still raining. No raids.

May 30: Foggy and rain. We with a cold, sore throat, cough, etc.

May 31: Fueled. Weather [????]. Received mail. Letter from dad. None from Betty.

June 1: Operating off Okinawa as usual. Us and 3 other cans on radar pickets. 36 miles ahead of T.G.

June 2: Rejoined group. Still operating in same area.

June 3: Same as previous day. No enemy aircraft in vacinity.

June 4: Refueled from tanker. Had word of “100” MILE PER HOUR [gale] heading this way. Should miss us.

June 5: Received letter from “Betts”. Storm hit us. Thru slight miscalculation we hit the heart of it!!

June 6: Many ships in bad shape. We refueled again today. Tanker group also suffered from Typhoons.

June 7: Operating off Okinawa as before. Word received that it is nearly secured. Good news!!

June 8: Off Okinawa as before.

June 9: Fueled from tankers. Received a couple of letters.

June 10: Struck at Southern Japan. Kyushun strike successful. - Bombarded Kia Jima with 3 wagons & five cans.

Notes: Typhoon was worse than one hit in China Sea. Carriers (Cvs) had forward flight deks bashed in. Both [Bennington] & Hornet (EX.) AFT & FORE Cruise Pitts lost her bow and many personnel. Small carrier (CVL) wer hit hard. Other DDs, CLs, & CHs suffered damage. “730” one of few to escape

June 11: AA fire today. Going into [Leyte] (port) tomorrow. Will be first time we've actually seen the islands after operating around them for many months.

June 12: In port. Very beautiful. Mountains of Leyte on one side. Hills of [Samar] on other.

June 13: Working, painting, etc. Alongside tender [Prudmont]

June 14: In port. Still painting.

June 15: Painting repairing [S???ed] flags. Heard from Betty & Folks.

June 16: Painting etc. Wrote letters & saw show on board tender.

June 17: Met a fellow I went thru signal school with on tender [Prudmont]

June 18: Left from alongside tender. Took on stores, ammo, and fuel.

June 19: Alongside Mansfield. 200 Destroyer.

June 20: Still working on bridge. Getting much done.

June 21: Have Capt. Inspection the 23rd.

June 22: Getting prepared for inspection.

June 23: Inspection went well. Told we may get Commodore's inspection. Had holiday routine after inspection.

June 24: Preparing in case pf Commodore's inspection. Bought white hat.

June 25: No Commodore's inspection. Maddox gets it.

June 26: Most of our work done. Taking it easy.

June 27: Capt. Collett awarded Silver Star for planes shot down the last Nov. 19th, 1944. - Also commendation ribbon for Okinawa campaign.

June 28: Got underway for fuel. Anchored again.

June 29: Told will get underway tomorrow for sea.

June 30: Underway with 3 large CVs, 2 CVLs, 5 light Cru.s, 3 BB's, 20 DDs, and an AA Cru. Task gr. 38.1

July 1: Heading north. Have cold weather gear ready for use.

Notes: T.G. 38.1

CVs: Bennington, Lexington, Hancock. CVLs: San Jacinto, Belleauwood. BBs: South Dakota, Indiana, Massachusetts – etc.

July 2: Practice firing all day. Fired at sleeves.

July 3: Radar picket exercises. Called “tomcat” picket. 50 miles in front of gr. Have new type of gear called [hounding] gear which was put on in port.

July 4: Still heading north. Expect some action. Hear we strike on the tenth???

July 5: Gunnery & Drills all day. Sleeve & Drone firing.

July 6: AA firing. Heading north.

July 7: Radar picket exercises as “Tomcat I” with three other cans.

July 8: Fueled, took on ammo, & stores. AA firing.

Notes: The gear we have on board is called homing gear. It guides planes (ours) back to the groups. - We will be 6 miles in front of task group.

July 9: Topped off from carrier. Heading into to strike north of Tokyo. Rec. anti-flash gear.

July 10: Expect plenty of action. Bad weather kept all planes on flight decks.

July 11: Pulled off Xray day & Xray 1 day together. We were Tomcat picket. 60 miles from Hokkiado. BBs made 1st bombardment on Japan steel mills.

July 12: Struck again today. Also bombarded. No enemy resistance.

July 13: Fueled from tankers. No mail.

July 14: Layed off Japan today. Bad weather. It's been cool & rough for past week.

July 15: Struck at Japan again. Hatashie, industrial city – 60 miles northeast of Tokyio.

Notes: Bombardments 1st day by Mass, Ala. Ind. Second day by Iowa, Wis, and Missouri. No return fire to speak of.

July 16: Struck industrial target again. Iowa class BB bombarded. Halsey's out for blood. We're on tomcat under radar picket.

July 17: No Japs came out. Air strikes and Bombardment again today. Planes sank Japs Battlewagon.

July 18: Heading out to fueling and replenishment area.

July 19: Still heading far out to a replenishment area.

July 20: Fueled today. Word of storm in vicinity. Received mail & packages for 1st time in month.

July 21: Topped off DD squadron 61 is to strike at shipping in Tokyo bay. Heading west slowly in rough weather.

July 22: Still heading west slowly. To use torpedoes & five inch at Midnight today.

Notes: Many msg's on plans of strike for our squadron. The things we're after is this shipping moving at nite.

July 23: Now heading toward group. We and the eight other “cans” in our squadron well with our raid on Jap convoy.

July 24: Received congrats from T.G. Commander Halsey, and Nimitz. Air strikes today.

July 25: Air strikes today. Japs taking serious beating in all respect. No Bogies. Planes hit at whats left of Jap fleet.

July 26: Fueling from tankers today and reports show that Japs lost most of whats left of their fleet.

July 27: Replenished today. Took on stores & ammo. Delivered mail to other groups. Received mail yesterday.

July 28: On “tomcat” picket with Dehaven, Maddox and Higbee. 60 miles off honshu. No Boggies.

July 29: Day of rest for planes and pilots. Not rest for the ships or their crew. Strike tomorrow.

Notes: Went into mouth of Tokyo bay between Oshima & Honshu. Used 2 torpedoes apiece. “400” rounds 5 inch. Sank medium cargo, light cargo, probable cargo, and escort of convoy.

July 30: Strike today. Few boggies on screen, but none came near. Planes hitting Kuruli Naval base blasting all the Japs have. On “Tomcat”. Sunk mine.

July 31: Hit Naval base again today. Rest of Japs fleet completely destroyed.

August 1: Fueled from tankers. On picket at night.

August 2: Came in from picket – replenished from cargo vessel.

August 3: AA gunnery exercises all day. Destroyed mine with gun fire.

August 4: More exercises dodging rough weather & typhoon in Jap waters.

August 5: More AA exercises. Ships in task group are really sharp shoopters. Destroyed mine with rifle fire.

Notes: JAPS starting there stuff again. [?????] planes as suicide at night.

August 6: Fired more AA – Boy the War bonds people are buying for this.

August 7: Re-fueled today. Strike tomorrow. Some Dope out today about new and very very powerful bomb ready to go into use.

August 8: Atomic bomb used yesterday. Japs say it's powerful beyond imagination. Strikes today.

August 9: Russias entry into war. Everyone happy! Atomic bomb scared me that anything can be so powerful

August 10: Another bomb Atomic dropped on Nagasaki this time. This evening received Jap broadcast that they are willing to surrender. Is it true?

August 11: No strikes today. Waiting to find out if this is a trick or the truth. Fueled.

August 12: U.S. sent reply last night. Japs may keep emperor but he takes orders from the supreme Allied Com. No strikes. No reply from Japs.

Notes: Japs willing to surrender on one condition. That their emperor retains his sovereignty.

August 13: Struck today, hard!! 31 hrs. have elapsed, no reply from Japs. Never sax carriers take on and launch planes so fast, in my life.

August 14: Fueled today!! Planes went after Jap suicide craft and air fuelers. No word, yet.

August 15: Struck for two hrs. in morning. Then Japs officially accepted our terms. Called off all offensive action at noon.

August 16: Remaining in same area. No dope. No strikes. Very few Boggies.

August 17: Still in strike area. Taking no chances with the "nips". Sent over Photography planes today.

August 18: Retired about 180 miles off Luzon coast (very closee) to fueling area. No mail. Just packages.

August 19: Still in replenishment area. No US Mail. Japs to send envoy's to MacArthur to sign treaty.

August 20: Received mail today. Transferred two platoons of Marines to attack transport. Rec. two letters, first in a month.

August 21: Many types of ships forming up [??] to be landing force in mine sweeper attack trans., Iowa, several Cruisers and destroyer to escort force. News of typhoon near.

August 22: Outside Honshu, standing by

August 23: Same as above

August 24: With Halsey's 3rd FLT. Replenished today.

August 25: Took on stores today.

August 26: Off Honshu

August 27: Off Honshu, standing by.

August 28: Refueled and replenished. Off Honshu.

August 29: Still floating close to land, Honshu.

August 30: Same as above.

August 31: Let up on some censorship regulations. Off Honshu (Tokyo Bay)

September 1: Lost 1st cClass S.M. Had 61 pts. "That's Enough"

September 2: Sunk mine. Off Tokyo Bay, refueled. Escorted Mass. to Southern Kyushu. She left for states.

September 3: Left Mass. Heading back to our group. Learned of what stars we rate.

September 4: Left our group (our squadron), joined another group. Re-named 38[.t.] Includes Yorktown, Shangrila, Boomme, Iowa, Richards, etc.

September 5: Heard rumor today. Squadron 61 may head for states soon. Still off Tokyo Bay, Honshu.

September 6: Alnav today listed all ships to be out here for some time. Squadron 61 not on list.

September 7: Informed Squadron 61 to prepare for transferring all personnel not have more than nine months on board our ships, to other ships

September 8: Expecting our orders any time. Hope they come soon. Complete censcorship lifted. Write what you wish!!

September 9: Fueled today. Transferred personnel. Should get orders soon.

Notes: ! We rate FIVE B[R]ONZE, (ONE SILVER) ANOTHER BRONZE. Pacific, American, and P.I. liberation Bars (Tokyo bay strikes not included.)

September 10: Off Tokyo Bay

September 11: As Above

September 12: And Above

September 13: Ditto

September 14: Received orders to enter Tokyo bay leaving T.G. and joining rest of Squadron

September 15: In bay. Anchored in Yokosuka Cove.

September 16: rated liberty. Went to Yokohama. Everything in deplorable state.

Notes: Large cranes and dry docks all around us. Japs have amazing ability to copy.

September 17-20: [written vertically] In Tokyo (Yokosuka Cove) Bay

September 21-23: [written vertically] Left Japan for Okinawa with Alabama, So. Dakota, Wisconsin, Missouri and part of our Squadron- with Homeward bound pennant flying.

September 24: entered Buckner Bay Okinawa. Leave tomorrow.

September 25: left, heading for Pearl Harbor

September 27-30: [written vertically] Underway toward Pearl Harbor, Honlulu, Hawaii

October 1-3: [blank]

October 4: Arrived in Pearl. Received mail.

October 5-7: Are to go to San Pedro for 10 days arriving the 15th of Oct. On the 25th, will leave for San "Frisco" Made liberty in Pearl. Saw women (white) for 1st time in over a yr. Heard fine music at U.S.O.

October 8: Painting ship for that big deal "Navy" day.

October 9: Left Pearl for San Pedro U.S.A. -

Memoranda: These dates are hay-wire, honey- but I hope you can use it anyway. -Ruth


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