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I came across this July 1964 Official Picture of the USS Collett’s Wardroom taken by the tenders photographer just before the ship sailed for Australia. 

The Officers pictured are:

 First row: Ltjg Bill Robinson (Supply), Ltjg Hal Harden (Ops Officer), LtCdr Richard Gillman (XO), Cdr. William Zimmermann (Capt.), Ltjg Donald Roller (Chief Snipe), Ltjg Bill Brockett (Gun Boss)

 Second Row: Ltjg Ken Taylor (Ops), Ens Bill Hansen (Weapons), Ens Vene Vrooman (Weapons), Ltjg John Slater (Ops), Ens Bruce Neiner (Weapons), Ens. Keith Johnson (Ops), Ltjg Dick Gregory (Eng), Ltjg Hank Swan (Ops), Ens Pat McManus (Sup), Ens Robbie Newton (Eng).

Richard Gregory

(Photo Provided by Richard Gregory)

Celebrate "Asiatic Fleet Memorial Day" on March 1

Timelines for 1944-1949 Updated (Compiled by Frank Olderr
Timelines for 1966-1970 Updated (Compiled by Frank Olderr)
Timelines for 1950-1959 Updated (Compiled by Frank Olderr)

Timelines for 1960-1965 Updated (Complied by Frank Olderr)

Terror in Mount 51 (A Lost Story from Mike Kipper)

USS COLLETT (DD-730) in Action in 1968 (Transcribed by Frank Olderr)

Timelines for 1948-1960 Updated (Complied by Frank Olderr)

Artwork on Envelopes of Several of His Letters Home and a Photo of Howard Wilkinson (Provided by Scott Wilkinson)

USS COLLETT Postal Cover (Provided by Andy Anderson)

Photo of Roy Habegger (Photo Provided by Andy Anderson)

Video and audio provided by Allen Longhofer of the USS Zelima (AF-49) of an Underway Replenishment with the USS Collett (DD-730) and the USS Canberra (CAG-2) in 1967.  Excellent shot of the USS Collett at the end of the video breaking away from the USS Zelima.
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